Sexual Harassment

Bumble For Friends is for friendship only. We expect our members to respect the platonic intent of the space and wholly prohibit sexual harassment. We consider sexual harassment to be any non-physical, unwanted, and unwelcome sexual behaviors between members.

This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Seeking romantic or sexual relationships on Bumble For Friends, BFF mode on Bumble app (e.g. flirting, “sexting,” or offering/proposing sexual or romantic activity)
  • Cyberflashing (i.e. sharing unsolicited sexually explicit images)
  • Committing in-person indecent exposure (i.e. unwanted flashing on a date)
  • Obtaining, sharing, or threatening to share sexual images, videos, or screenshots of sexual conversations on any website or platform, without the consent of the person involved or depicted (commonly known as “revenge porn” or “non-consensual intimate image sharing”)
  • Making unwanted sexual comments, questions, and advancements, including sexualized comments about someone’s body
  • Fetishizing a member without their consent
  • Sending unwanted sexualized imagery including memes, animations, drawings, etc., as well as unwanted pornographic imagery or links

Remember, your off-platform behavior matters too. To protect victims and survivors, we may take action against your account for engaging in any of the above sexual harassment behaviors in person, on another platform, or over text.

Learn about our enforcement philosophy against the guidelines on this page. And, if you believe we’ve made a mistake in taking action on your account or content, you can always contact us here.