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Preparing for safety IRL

Your safety IRL is as important as safety on the app. Here are things you can do in the build up to make sure you don’t run into any problems.

Be careful what you share

It’s worth keeping your home address (and maybe your place of work) private at first, just in case the first meet doesn’t go well and you need to step back.

This also applies to the photos on your profile. If you can, avoid making places that you frequent too obvious. 

Get your detective on

There is zero shame in doing some background research. Checking social media to make sure a match is who they say they are is something many people do, and a great way to raise any red flags.

Do your verifying

You can ask them to verify themselves via Bumble if you’re in any doubt at all, but beyond that, a Voice or Video call is the best way to make sure the vibes are as they should be.

Agree on a public place

Public places carry fewer risks and are usually more fun for the first few dates. Meeting somewhere with staff also means you can ask them for help if uncomfortable situations arise.

Also be sure to tell someone where you agree to meet and who you’re meeting, then let them know once you get home.