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Being unmatched

Bumble data shows most unmatches happen before chats even begin. So if you’ve noticed this happening to you, rest assured it’s not a reflection of you as a person!

But being unmatched after a good chat or a date is different. We know this can hurt, which is why we introduced our Unmatched feature.

If you’ve been talking to someone and they unmatch you, the Unmatched feature means you’ll be kindly made aware rather than the conversation suddenly disappearing.

Most importantly, it also means you can still report the person to Bumble if something has happened and you need support from us.

The Bumble community told us that being able to see when they’d been unmatched gave some welcome closure to a sometimes unpleasant experience, and helped them to go find someone better suited.

We hope you feel the same, and remember that your safety is our top priority. We’re always here if you need us.

*Note: If you’re a member of our current Bumble Beta Program, you can head here to find information about additional reporting options.