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Scheduling a Night In

When can I schedule a Night In?

Once you’ve either sent an invite and it’s been accepted, or you’ve accepted an invite yourself, it’s time to plan when you’ll meet for your Night In. 

You can just spontaneously start a date with your match at any time.  If you’re both ready, you can join by tapping the "Night In" icon in the bottom right corner of your chat, or via a video chat if you’re already talking. 

How do I schedule a Night In?


1. Invite your match. If they accept, we’ll send you a confirmation message.

2. Accept an invite from one of your matches. We’ll send them a confirmation message.

Next, exchange messages with your match to agree on a time to meet between 6pm and 12am, either today or tomorrow (you can’t schedule a Night In further in advance).

The inviter (person who sent the invite) then uses the Night In scheduling tool to set the day and time.

You’ll both get a reminder when it’s time for your date.

How do I cancel a Night In before it starts? 

Go to your Night In home screen by opening the chat with your match then tapping the "Night In" icon in the bottom right. Then, tap "I can’t make it." We’ll let them know you cancelled. Remember to send them a message and let them know if you want to reschedule for another time!

Can I reschedule a Night In if I cancel it?

Yes, you can reschedule a Night In by re-inviting your match, then following the same scheduling process as before.

Note: Night In is available only in selected markets. 

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