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Reporting abusive messages

Abusive messages have no place on Bumble. If someone crosses the line, we have your back. 

To keep yourself and our community safe, please report any abusive messages to us or report the member on Bumble. Reports are anonymous, so a reported user won’t know who flagged their account.

Here are some examples of messages you should report:

  • Threats to your safety, health, or wellbeing.
  • Derogatory language or hate speech. Like sexism or racism. 
  • If someone is harassing you by messaging too much.
  • Unsolicited or nonconsensual sexual images or content.
  • Spam or external links you aren’t comfortable with.

Bumble is a place for you to be who you are, so it’s never ok for someone to make you feel bad, belittled, or manipulated.

If you’d like to know exactly what happens when you do report someone, the info is here, or you can email us whenever you need to.