Here’s What Will Get You Kicked Off of Bumble

No matter what you’re looking for on Bumble, you deserve a positive experience. Your safety is our number one priority. To ensure each member of our community is treated with kindness and respect, everyone’s expected to adhere to our user guidelines anytime they’re using Bumble. If you violate these guidelines, you could get banned from using the app for good. 

As a refresher, here are a few reminders about what is and isn’t allowed:

Respect each other

You might not want to connect with every person you see on Bumble, and that’s okay – but we do ask that you treat everyone you come across with respect. That means:

  • Being respectful of everyone’s boundaries and not taking the conversation in a sexual direction if your match hasn’t given explicit consent. 
  • Not attacking people for their views or values. If you know you’re not compatible, you can unmatch or swipe left.
  • Not being deliberately offensive. Bumble has a zero tolerance policy for hate speech, slurs, racism, misogyny, or bullying, and they’ll get you blocked from Bumble immediately. 

Send original messages to your matches

Spamming others by copying and pasting the same message to every match is against our guidelines. Bumble is all about creating meaningful relationships, and behind every profile is an actual person. You’ll have far more success if you take the time to read each profile and write original messages anyway!

Don’t use the app to gain followers

We encourage you to link your Instagram and Spotify accounts so matches know what you’re all about. However, we ask that you don’t simply use Bumble to gain followers on other social networks. That means your bio should have more in it than your Twitter or Instagram handle, and you can’t spam matches with messages like, “Follow me on Insta, I rarely check this.” 

Don’t do anything illegal

What you do on your own time is your business, but using Bumble for anything illegal is a violation of our guidelines. Attempting to buy, sell, or advertise controlled substances will get you removed. 

Don’t use Bumble for transactions

While we respect your hustle, using Bumble as a marketplace for personal monetary gain is a no-go. If you want to have any kind of transactional discussion, please take it off the app. The following are not allowed on your profile or in chats:

  • Links to Venmo, Paypal, CashApp or any other money transfer service.
  • Solicitation to join MLM or “network marketing” groups.
  • Links to OnlyFans, ManyVids, Patreon, or any platform where a transaction is required for participation.
  • Solicitation of products or services of any kind.

While these are the most common rules we see being violated, we also urge you to look through our full guidelines to avoid being removed from the app. We’re deliberate in creating an environment where everyone (including you!) feels free to be themselves without the threat of hate or harassment. And remember, if you’re ever a victim of another person’s bad behavior, please don’t hesitate to Block & Report them or reach out to our support team, who you can contact at any time directly within the app through the Contact & FAQ button or by email.