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I’m not getting any matches

It’s frustrating when you’re not happy with the number of matches you’re getting. But good news! There’s lots you can do to improve your chances.

Make your bio pop

A great bio is possibly the best thing you can do for your profile. Our hot tip? Don’t make it too long. Bumble data shows a short and punchy bio is the best way to go.

Say what you’re looking for (if you know), your interests and maybe a fun fact about yourself. Give potential matches plenty of ‘hooks’ they can start a conversation with.

Verify yourself

Use our Photo Verification feature so people know you’re real. It’s easy, and gives potential matches early reassurance that they’re not wasting their time.

Other parts of your profile also help with this. Filling in your work and education, and linking your Instagram or Spotify are great ways to show you’re a real, interesting person.

Get time savvy

There’s no bad time to use Bumble, but there is a best time, when more people are online and more matches happen.

If you’re aged between 18 and 22, the best time to use Bumble is 7-10pm. If you’re 23 or over, try slightly earlier between 6 and 9pm.