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सेक्सुअल स्वास्थ्य

Everyone on Bumble who engages in sexual activity is encouraged to have a sexual health talk with every partner and practice safe sex.

Because not all STIs (sexually transmitted infections) have visible or tangible symptoms, it’s important to never make assumptions about anyone’s status--including your own. Be sure (1) to get tested on a regular basis and (2) to communicate about sexual health with your matches.

It can be a little awkward, so here are our top tips if you’re worried:

Asking someone to get tested

If you can, talk about getting tested before you have any kind of sexual contact with someone. This doesn’t mean you don’t trust them, it’s just about looking after each other.

When you’re starting the conversation, say that you value honesty and that you think getting tested is important because you care about your health as well as theirs.

Getting tested means accepting you might have an STI, but it’s a relief either way afterward. You could even get tested together and turn the process into something you bond over.

Telling someone you have a STID

Stay calm and remember that millions of people go through the same experience. Having an STI is nothing at all to be ashamed of.

It’s good to know the facts about the STI you have so you can answer any questions the person you’re telling might have. Consider telling them in a private and relaxed place, too.

If you’re worried they might react badly and you need support, check these resources. And keep all the above in mind for if you’re ever on the receiving end of a similar conversation.