Julie Hamaïde

Founder and Publication Director of Koï, France

Julie is an entrepreneur and journalist. In 2017, she launched Koï, a print publication that explores the complexity of Asian cultures, communities, and life in France. In 2022, Koï went 100% online, making all articles free and easily accessible. Koï has carved out a place in the French media landscape as the voice of a new generation and has become known for showcasing talents, opening new discussions, and winning awards. Koï also has a strong social media presence, where content is leveraged to promote the work of underrepresented people of Asian descent in France.

Currently, Julie is assembling Femmes Koï, a network of French-Asian women from all walks of life who can share their experiences, memories, and challenges.

Julie’s a Marshall Memorial Fellow 2022, a Raisina Young Fellow 2022, and a 2022 Vital Voices Visionaries Fellow.

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