Sara Nuru

Co-Founder and Chairwoman of nuruWomen e.V., Germany

Sara is a successful model, author, and co-founder of the Berlin-based non-profit association nuruWomen e.V., which she founded in 2018 with her sister, Sali Nuru. They’re forging a link between Ethiopia and Germany to create equal opportunities for women in education, financial independence, and health.

Women in Ethiopia still bear the brunt of poverty and are structurally disadvantaged. NuruWomen e.V. helps them reach their full potential and start their own businesses, strengthening their self-esteem, identity, and problem-solving abilities. Sara and her team are convinced, and we agree: Empowering women strengthens our entire society.

Sara was the winner of the fourth cycle of Germany's Next Top Model, and in 2016, she co-founded fair-trade coffee company nuruCoffee. Half of the profits from nuruCoffee, at least one euro per kilogram, flow into supporting nuruWomen e.V.

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