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When Should I Use Block & Report on Bumble?

Bumble’s Block & Report feature is designed to protect you, and you should feel empowered to use it any time that you feel uncomfortable or unsafe—whether it’s about someone’s behavior on the app or in person. 

You can access it a few ways: If you’ve matched with someone who you want to report on Bumble or Bumble For Friends, you can find the Block & Report button by clicking on the three gray dots in the top right corner of the chat screen with a match. If you want to report someone who you haven’t swiped on yet, you can scroll to the bottom of their profile and click on Hide & Report. You can also use Block & Report on someone you’ve unmatched with, even if you’ve forgotten their name, by contacting our support team—either on our website or in the app—and providing as much information as you can. 

When you submit a Block & Report, a member of the support team will review it and take action based on Bumble’s community guidelines, which can include a warning or banning them from the app. No matter what, Bumble will not tell the person who you reported that you reported them. (More information on what happens after you report someone on Bumble here.)

You should also feel empowered to use Block & Report if you ever come across: 

Discrimination and identity-based hate. Sexism, racism, fetishization, and any behavior or content that advocates hatred, incites violence, or promotes harmful stereotypes aren’t tolerated in any capacity on Bumble. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Unwelcome comments about your body. Any kind of body shaming is banned on Bumble; we classify this as when someone forces their opinion of a “good body” on you or criticizes any of your physical features. Remember that lewd or unwelcome comments about your body can also include those that someone thinks are a compliment but actually make you feel uncomfortable.

Sexual harassment. Bumble has a strict policy on what sexual harrassment looks like on the app, and all forms of it should be reported. This includes sending unwanted sexual comments, questions, and advances; sharing unsolicited images of nudity (i.e. cyberflashing); sharing non-consensual intimate imagery; trying to have virtual sex without consent; and more. 

Threatening behavior. It is a very serious offense if anyone you match with on Bumble makes threats to your safety, health, or wellbeing. Bumble will do everything we can to support and protect you.

Fake profiles. When swiping through Bumble, keep an eye out for profiles that only have one photo, or have very staged photos with a model-like person being shown. These can be signs of fake profiles, typically belonging to catfish or romance scammers.

Off-Bumble behavior. Block & Report isn’t limited to how people act within the Bumble app. If your Bumble match makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable when you meet up or move the conversation to another platform—or you see a person on the app who you know has been inappropriate or dangerous offline—we want to know about it. 

Rude behavior. Insulting or bullying behavior from your Bumble match will not be tolerated. This includes mocking, taunting, sending harassing or excessive messages, as well as having anything offensive on their profile. 

Harassment. Even if your Bumble match’s messages could be seen as complimentary, if they make you feel uneasy because of the cadence or number of them, it’s a valid reason to submit a report.

Inappropriate use. We do not allow members to use the different modes on Bumble—Date, Bizz, and BFF (now Bumble For Friends)—for anything other than looking for a date, looking for a friend, or looking to network, respectively. If your Bizz or Bumble For Friends match tries to message you in a way that could be inferred as romantic or sexual, then it goes against our community guidelines. 

A previous unmatch or ban. Let us know if you see someone on Bumble that you’ve already unmatched with, or someone that you know has been blocked from the app. It will be fully investigated by Bumble’s support team. 

General violation of Bumble’s guidelines. Our guidelines are in place to help people have an enjoyable and safe experience. Anyone failing to adhere to these guidelines risks losing access to Bumble or Bumble For Friends. This includes using Bumble to get more social media followers, promoting or selling something, violating our photo rules, or being under the age of 18.

When you sign up to Bumble or Bumble For Friends, it doesn’t mean that you’re giving consent to every stage of the dating process or agreeing to being harassed or coerced. If someone’s behavior or profile makes you feel unsettled while using the app, use Block & Report to keep yourself and others safe.