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Here’s What Will Get You Kicked Off of Bumble

No matter what you’re looking for on Bumble, you deserve a positive and safe experience. To ensure everyone is treated with kindness and respect, each Bumble and Bumble For Friends member is expected to adhere to our community guidelines both on and off our platforms. If you violate these guidelines, you could get banned from using the app for good. 

As a refresher, here are a few reminders about what is and isn’t allowed. (For our community guidelines in full, please see here for Bumble and here for Bumble For Friends.)

Build a profile that showcases your true self 

Your Bumble profile should be a celebration of who you are to help you find connections that are right for you. This means building a profile that gives other members an accurate representation of your lifestyle, values, and what you look like. That’s why we require you to follow our photo guidelines for the pictures you upload, and why we don’t allow impersonation or misrepresentation on the app, including catfishing or making false claims about yourself. 

Respect each other

You might not want to connect with every person you see on Bumble, and that’s ok—but we do ask that you treat everyone you come across with respect. That means:

  • Being respectful of everyone’s boundaries and not taking the conversation in a sexual direction if your match hasn’t given explicit consent, or uploading sexual content to your profile. For more information, see here for our sexual harassment policy.
  • Not bullying, belittling, or intimidating any other member. We don’t allow content or behavior that makes any individual or group feel harassed or targeted. 
  • Not attacking people for their views or values. If you know you’re not compatible, you can unmatch or swipe left.
  • Not deliberately targeting marginalized communities. Bumble doesn’t tolerate content or behavior that promotes hate or contempt against folks based on protected attributes such as race, gender identity and expression, or disability.  For more information, see here for our identity-based hate policy.

Be authentic and send original messages

We know that playing around with chatbots can be fun, but we want Bumble to be a place where people can build relationships based on genuine connections. Keep your messages personal, and don’t spam people with excessive, unwanted content or use Bumble as a marketplace for monetary gain. Additionally, using automation or scripting to make matches on Bumble isn’t allowed. 

Use the Bumble Mode or App that matches your intentions

It’s against our guidelines for any member to use a Bumble product to search for connections that weren’t intended for that mode or app. For example, you shouldn’t use Bumble For Friends or Bumble Bizz to look for romance. If a member is found to be sending flirty messages or any other unwanted sexual content on Bumble Bizz or Bumble For Friends they’re at risk of receiving a warning or being banned from the app. This is to ensure that members can feel confident and comfortable making connections on any Bumble platform. 

Don’t do anything illegal

Using Bumble for anything illegal is a violation of our guidelines. This includes any kind of content or behavior that involves violence, scams, theft, or buying and selling drugs or controlled substances. These are just some of the rules that we have to keep you safe, so we urge you to look through our full guidelines to avoid being removed from the app. We’re deliberate in creating an environment where everyone (including you!) feels free to be themselves without the threat of hate or harassment. And remember, if you’re ever a victim of another person’s bad behavior, please don’t hesitate to Block & Report them or reach out to our support team directly in the app by heading to your Settings and tapping on the “Contact & FAQ” button.