The Best Intro Lines to Use on Bumble — Because You’re Better Than ‘Hey’

You know that slight flush and those positive vibrations you feel when the “It’s a match!” screen appears when you’re Bumbling? Whether you’ve been using Bumble for a couple years or a couple of days, that sensation never really goes away. And while the match is the critical first step to possibly meeting your new bae, it’s what comes next — your ice-breaking introduction line — that can make all the difference.

As original as we all like to think we are, the truth is that many of us rely on a few tried-and-true formulas to strike up a conversation with our matches. Since we’re never not working for you, we’ve been beta-testing some of the most common intro lines with real, eligible men to find out what kind of reactions they get.

We’ve prepared some first-message guidelines based on your dating personality type below. Not sure what your dating persona is? Take the quiz here!


Kindness comes naturally to you–not only do you consider other people’s feelings, but you prioritize them. To showcase this, try opening with a cute compliment, followed by a question to keep the ball rolling.

Hey, great taste in music! What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Wow, getting to the top of that mountain definitely took some dedication. How long did it take you to summit?


Your success derives from asking for what you want and not wasting anyone’s time (we love a trailblazer). Stick to these roots by telling your match what it is about them that caught your eye– although straightforward, it doesn’t have to be stiff!

Your smile is captivating, hopefully it’ll make an appearance on our first date ?

Hey {Name}! Your bio made me laugh, I especially loved the bit about *insert quote here*. ?


The best way to win someone’s heart? Make them laugh! Luckily, your wit just so happens to be your greatest strength. Put your best foot forward by keeping things light-hearted. Might we suggest a dad joke?

Alright, I’m here. What are your two other wishes?

Are you my appendix? Because you give me this weird tingly feeling and I kinda want to take you out.


You’re quite the thinker and love that there’s always more to know about a fellow human. Impress your match by making a thoughtful observation, and then turning it into a question.

Hey {Name}, are you in Machu Picchu in your third photo? I’ve always wanted to go!

Wow, you definitely have a way with words. What’s the last book you read?


As a thrill-seeker, you’re determined to make the most out of life, and that means taking risks. Show off your adventurous side by asking a quirky question that’s sure to spark an interesting convo!

What would you do if you were invisible for a day? ?

Alright {name}, let’s see what you’ve got. Truth or dare?


Maybe you’ve had luck simply by introducing yourself or asking people what they’re up to. If so, there’s no shame in sticking with what works! You can beef up your first line a bit simply by adding an Emoji.  After all, sometimes a visual cue better expresses what you want to say.

Hey {Name} ? What are you up to this weekend?

Hey! How’s your day going? ?

Hopefully this guide has helped you determine what kind of First-Mover you are, and if you need a few more ideas, you can always take a look at our conversation starters in-app (Learn how to use them here). Above all, remember that regardless of how carefully crafted your first message may be, some people still may not respond and it is not a reflection of your character. Dating takes effort from both parties, and no matter how many tries it takes, you deserve the type of relationship you want!