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The Best Holiday Movies To Cozy Up With This Season

In the mood for some holiday cheer but don’t feel like leaving the house? Same! The cold weather is the ultimate excuse for staying indoors and there’s nothing better than turning on some Christmas classics, or at least some modern classics. Save the old favorites for when you’re back home with the parents, you know, It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street and even Rudolph. But before you head back, check out these new favorite festive movies to watch with whoever happens to be on your couch before you veg out with the fam. And the good news is, most of them are already on TV.

New Friend

The Holiday

Movie night with the girls? Your Bumble BFF coming over after work? Any Nancy Meyer’s flick will suffice, but ’tis the season so turn on The Holiday and transport back to a simpler time, when it wasn’t weird at all if your AirBNB host’s hot brother pops by and needs a place to stay for the night. Extra points if you book a cottage for a weekend in the English countryside just because. 

Best Friend

Love Actually

Talk about a holiday favorite. And watching with your best friend is, well, the best because you know they’re not judging you for getting weepy at the same part every single time. Plus, Love Actually never, ever gets old (not even the infamous single Christmas Is All Around for the hundredth time)! And even though we’re guilty of watching Love Actually all year round, watching in-season makes it that much better.

Work Friends

Deck The Halls

In this completely underrated holiday feature from 2006, neighbors face-off with a Christmas light decorating contest that escalates very, very quickly. As a bonus, the not-so-friendly competition will keep your coworkers on their toes when you kick it into high gear at the office after the New Year. It’s also PG so you don’t have to pre-screen for any awkward sex scenes that you definitely do not need to watch with the team from the office.

New Bae

Four Christmases

Four Christmases is part relatable and part ridiculous family fun that we’ve all experienced in one way or another. Vince Vaughn in his ever-charming way keeps it light, funny and romantic all at the same time which is just how we like it when testing the waters with a new date. And even though we are also guilty of dreaming of spending the holidays alone on the beach sometimes, Four Christmases gets us excited to see all the crazy relatives back home.

Old Bae

The Grinch

You and your long-term bae have been through enough holiday seasons together to have hit all the movie milestones, so this year grab a bottle of your favorite wine, turn on The Grinch and fall asleep to the sweet sounds of hoo-ville. You two have the real meaning of the holidays figured out!

Oh, and it goes without saying Elf applies to all categories, of course.