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Not Sure What to Say with Bumble’s Compliments Feature? Here Are Some Pointers

Bumble’s new Compliments feature is a great way to break the ice by sharing what you like about someone’s profile. Not only does sending a Compliment reaffirm your interest in a potential match, but you just might receive one back in return! (And who doesn’t like to hear something positive about them?)

Not sure how Bumble’s new Compliments feature works? Check out our explainer here. And once you’re ready to come up with a compliment that could catch a potential Bumble match’s eye, here are some tips that can help spark a connection and kick off a great chat.

Get specific…

Writing a thoughtful and tailored message is more likely to get you noticed. Instead of sending a generic Compliment (like, “Nice pic!”) or an emoji, look over their profile for something that resonates with you. Ask yourself: what’s the reason you’re swiping right? Then tell them exactly what it is you like about them. It shows you’ve put in extra effort and can ultimately help you stand out. So instead of “You’re gorgeous,” try “You have the warmest smile!” (More on how to compliment appearances below.)

…and then get creative 

Whether you were drawn in by someone’s funny bio, similar taste in music, or even just their smile, tell them in a creative way. This can increase your chances of getting a right swipe from them and a reply that can help start the conversation. 

For example, instead of saying “Great taste in music,” go for something like, “Love your taste in music! I saw [favorite artist you have in common] for the first time a couple months ago and I think my soul left my body.” Now, they can jump in and mention if they’ve also seen that artist or which song is their favorite.

Follow it up with a question

Make your Compliment work double time by using it as a conversation starter as well. How? Add in a question! That way, you’ll flatter your potential match and they’ll have something to respond to. If you love one of their traveling photos, ask them about their trip. Or if they have a photo with an instrument, ask them what kind of music they like to play. Some more simple ideas are:

“Your dog is soooo cute. What’s its name?”

“Cool hiking pic! Where was that?”

“I love your tattoo! How many do you have?”

Find something hidden in their photos

Although compliments about someone’s appearance might make them feel good, commenting on something other than that might generate an even better response. Look for minor details in your match’s photos to comment on, like a famous pizzeria in the background or a cool graphic tee. It’ll show them that you’re truly interested (and observant).

Always keep it respectful

We prioritize kindness on Bumble, so double check to make sure that your compliment won’t offend. Everyone is deserving of respect, so consider whether what you’re typing out is something you’d say to a person you know personally. Most commonly, this means not being overly sexual, objectifying, or fetishizing. Not only are those things against our guidelines, but it’s unlikely that the person will want to match with you. If you’re unsure if your Compliment is appropriate, it’s probably best to go with something else. Try using the tips above!

Now that you know how to craft a great Compliment, why not try it out? You’ll send good vibes and start the conversation on a positive note.