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Here’s Why You Should Get Your Bumble Profile Verified

Putting yourself out there, particularly when it comes to dating, can make you feel vulnerable. This can be especially true dating online, when you get to know people before meeting them in person. Sometimes you’re left wondering who exactly is on the other side of the screen. That’s why Bumble uses photo verification technology to confirm the photos on a profile match the person using the account. When a profile is verified, it confirms the photos of the person you’re seeing match them.

The process for getting your profile verified is simple. Just tap the Verify button in your profile. You’ll then be shown one pose—pulled from a pool of 100 random poses that Bumble provides—and asked to take a selfie mimicking that photo. Once you submit your picture, Bumble administrators will review the image and you’ll be notified within minutes if your profile is confirmed for verification. If you don’t get verified the first time, don’t worry. You’ll be able to try the process again until you’re verified. 

You can also request another Bumble user’s profile be verified if you’re concerned the account is misleading or fake. (You have to be verified to do this, so make sure to do that first.) If you’re questioning the authenticity of a match, open up your chat with that person and click on the blue link that says “ask for photo verification.” They’ll then have seven days to complete the process. If they don’t act in this time period, their profile will be temporarily suspended until they do verify their profile, which means they can’t see other profiles, and no one can see theirs. If their photo is confirmed for verification, the user will continue Bumbling as normal.

Getting verified may just seem like an extra step, especially when you’re eager to get swiping, but there are actually several reasons to make sure your picture has that blue shield icon next to it. Read on to learn more.

It allows you to swipe with confidence

Bumble’s mission has always been to provide a safe experience for making new connections online. We encourage Bumble users to get their profiles verified because the blue checkmark lets potential matches know you’ve taken the steps to have your photos confirmed. You can also rest easy knowing anyone found to have a fake profile, or who’s attempted to scam another person on the app, will be banned from our community.

It discourages catfishing

Catfishing is when a person on the app pretends to be someone they’re not for whatever reason (insecurities, attention, even asking for money). Verifying your profile—and requesting that matches do the same—discourages catfishing, as it means that members need to share real photos of themselves to get that blue shield icon. 

It can help you get more matches

Getting your profile verified helps to build trust with potential matches and it demonstrates that you’re prioritizing making real connections. Both of these things can make you more attractive to other Bumble daters and may ultimately lead to more matches. 

It makes a bold first impression

Having a blue checkmark on your account not only helps you make a solid first impression, but requesting verification for someone else’s profile also counts as a first move! Once you request photo verification on an account, the other person will be notified. It shows them you’re being smart about making connections, and provides plenty of fodder for those initial conversations once they complete the verification process themselves. (Maybe say something like, “Just making sure you weren’t too good to be true!”) 

Bottom line: verifying your Bumble profile makes dating safer and less stressful for everyone. For more information on how to get verified, see here