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How to Hack Valentine’s Day 2018 on Bumble

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is definitely in the air — and on the shelves of every department store. But who’s to say that you have to miss out on the festivities (and chocolate) just because you don’t have a honey? If your secret admirers are keeping themselves a little more secret than you’d like, check out our Valentine’s-related stats (featuring resident Bumbler Samantha Fulgam) to learn how to turn this holiday into the start of your next love story. 

  • Move over Cupid, there’s a new matchmaker in town. In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, around 1 million new users will download Bumble — that’s a lot of busy bees and potential connections! 
  • Already on Bumble and trying to up your dating game? A subscription to Bumble Boost might be the perfect way to treat yourself this Valentine’s.
  • Women who subscribe to Boost — Bumble’s monthly service that lets you cut the line, so to speak — are found to double their match rate, chats initiated, and messages received.
  • Bonus: Did you know that wild dolphins call each other by name
  • Finally, a picture is worth a thousand words, but on Bumble, a little small talk can go a long way. Both men and women who wrote in their About Me section saw a 27% increase in the popularity of their profiles over those who left it blank.  

Take the reins of your destiny, Bumblers, and enjoy the sweet spirit of the month whether you’re happily coupled or dedicatedly dating.