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Show Your Bumble Matches You’re a Voter—and Register to Vote in the Midterms

In the last U.S. midterm elections, Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X outvoted older generations thanks to a record-high voter turnout. But will the youngest cohort show up at the ballot box this time around? Bumble wants to help make sure they do! 

We believe young people—all young people, regardless of political leanings—are the future. And it’s our responsibility to vote in every election if we want a real stake in the future of the country. 

Our democracy works best when we all participate, so we’ve added a Badge option to your Bumble profile, allowing you to show your pride in civic engagement. Add the Voter Badge to your bio to let your potential matches know you’re committed to casting your ballot in the midterms. We hope this will lead to interesting and impassioned—but civil!—conversations. 

Head to to register to vote in two minutes. National Voter Registration Day, on Sept 20, is the perfect opportunity to take a moment to ensure you’re registered so your voice will be heard in November. You can check your registration status at, as well as signing up for election reminders. 

We want Bumble’s community to feel empowered in every part of your lives, and that includes in the voting booth.

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