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Inside The Hive: Meet Dr. Jess, Bumble’s New In-House Sociologist

She’s been called “the Dr. Ruth of the swipe right generation” and “the Nate Silver of online dating.” Here at Bumble, we’re lucky enough to call her “Dr. Jess,” our newest colleague.

Online dating and relationship expert Dr. Jess Carbino has joined our growing Hive as in-house sociologist. She’ll be working to improve Bumble users’ experience, whether you’re looking for a romantic partner, career connections or new friendships.

With a PhD in sociology from UCLA and three years at Tinder under her belt, Dr. Jess is an expert in understanding how we use technology to forge relationships.

She’ll be analyzing data to ensure Bumble’s functionality is in line with its mission, paying special attention to the needs of underrepresented groups like LGBTQ folks and people of color.

“At this point in my career, I wanted to be at an app that was for women and by women,” said Dr. Jess, who was recently named one of Fast Company magazine’s 100 Most Creative People.
As part of her role, Dr. Jess will be helping users maximize their matches, both with regular posts on this site and at Bumble’s IRL events.