10 Date Ideas That Cost $0

10 Date Ideas That Cost $0

Dating is expensive. Those receipts from concerts and happy hours quickly add up. To ease the financial burden, we’ve created a list of free date ideas — some of which even support your local community. Now the next time your match asks, “So what do you want to do?” you’ll know exactly where to go!

Find Free Concerts

Soak up the sunshine with live music. Bumble’s hometown of Austin takes pride in being the Live Music Capital of the World. Unsurprisingly, there are tons of free outdoor concerts all year round, from Blues on the Green to Unplugged at the Grove. And if you’re more of a film buff? Catch a movie screening at a local park. 

Even if your town doesn’t have the musical DNA that Austin does, there are sure to be local acts looking for an eager audience every weekend.

Take a Hike

Sure, we know it’s the most obvious date idea out there, but why not add a few steps into your day instead of staying put during a sit-down dinner? Bonus points if you can bring your fur baby along for the walk, too.

Stuff Your Face at a Food Fest

If you and your date are huge foodies, stop by a local food festival or farmer’s market to taste your way through the community. Independently-owned grocery stores often host ice cream socials and Sample Sundays. What’s more charming than that?

Get Something Brewing

Many brewery tours are free, so plan ahead for a different kind of happy hour. Beer not your thing? Tons of wineries and distilleries also offer a free peek at the facilities. (And if you’re in New York, make sure to stop by the Bumble Brew cafe once it opens in 2020!)

Team Up at a Pub Quiz or Trivia Night

Intelligence is sexy. Bring your friends along to create a team of unstoppable minds (and an extra level of comfort) or duke it out as a duo. Whether you’re an expert on Disney or shark species, it’s your time to shine.

Laugh It Out

Keep the pulse on up-and-coming comedians in your area. There are free shows across the country, from The Boiler Room’s Open Mic Night in Portland to The Lantern Club in New York City. Better yet, spoken word, poetry readings, and author meet-and-greet events are usually free to attend at local bookstores and libraries. You’ll definitely leave with something to talk about.

Cool Off at a Greenhouse

Greenhouses, conservatories, and plant nurseries are perfect for practicing your photography skills — and for Instagrammable moments. New England, for one, is full of picturesque plant nurseries, including Ballek’s Garden Center in Connecticut and Herb FARMacy in Massachusetts.

Have a Picnic

Skip the expensive brunch spots and hit up the park with a peaceful picnic. There are plenty of simple recipes online that you can prep and take on the go. Lentil salads, toasted baguettes, homemade lemonade…the options are endless (and downright delicious)!

Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter

Petting dogs and cats while getting to know each other? Best date ever. Look into whether you can volunteer inside the shelter or take them out for a walk! Animals are often kept inside for most of the day, so it’ll be a treat for all beings involved. Don’t love animals? Retirement homes and soup kitchens are also great places to lend your time.

Whip Up Something New

Grocery chains sometimes offer free cooking lessons. Culinary Medicine in New Orleans, for example, hosts free hands-on classes that’ll sharpen your skills in the kitchen. If your community doesn’t offer them, consider browsing the web for free online courses and host the class at home!