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4 Habits for a Better Bumble Experience

Spring is in the air, and it’s time to reset. While we tidy our homes and purge our closets, what about cleaning up our act online? We’ve already given tips on how to turn chats into meetups and how to break up with bad habits, but sometimes life simply gets in the way. Meaning, we let perfectly good matches fall to the wayside and miss out on making meaningful connections.

Below are some steps you can take to create a better Bumble experience, whether you’re using Bumble Date, Bumble BFF, or Bumble Bizz. Make a few simple changes now, and set yourself up for success all summer long.

Schedule a time to write responses. 

BOOM, you’ve made some major headway! Make sure to designate a time to write messages and respond to thoughtful chats. If you’re using Bumble Date or Bumble BFF, you could even consider setting a regular time for it so you don’t mindlessly pick up your phone all day long. (Pro tip: Evening hours work best for most people — and it’s peak activity time, too!) By saving this space to respond, that 24-hour time limit won’t feel as overwhelming.

Still find yourself too busy to reply in a speedy manner? Instead of leaving people hanging, put your profile on Snooze. This takes your profile off the market, but retains your existing chats. It also notifies your matches that you’ve decided to take a break, so you don’t have to worry about it. You do you, honey! Learn how to turn on Snooze here.

Take the pressure off the ‘date’ word.  

We know there’s a big difference between a casual hangout and a high stakes date. In case planning one-on-one time gives you anxiety, here are a few ways you can keep dates low-key.

  • Don’t make dates a big expense. Start with coffee, tea, or after-work drinks rather than spending a fortune on a sit-down dinner. A more casual setting like a cafe or even sitting at the bar can loosen nerves.
  • Meet up with your dogs at a park or take a fitness class. Dates don’t have to be food-centric. Whether it’s romantic or platonic, take advantage of the warm weather and go outside to stretch your legs — or your pup’s! The best part, you’re free to leave whenever you want and don’t have to wait for the bill.

Refresh your profile! 

Give your online persona a refreshed vibe, whether it’s by updating your profile pic with a new photo or answering a different Profile Prompt. If you’ve reassessed and decided you’re looking for something more casual instead of a relationship, add it to your basic info. Switching up your filters in Settings will ensure you’re matching only with what and who you want.

Make it a group event.

When it comes to BFF and Bizz meetups, you don’t have to be solely responsible for the flow of a one-on-one conversation. Why not turn a meeting between two into a hang between three or even five? A BFF meetup can easily morph into a group outing in which you can meet all of your matches at once — and they can connect with each other, too! You can also think about turning a Bizz coffee chat into a workshop, focus group, or think tank. The more the merrier!