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5 Ways to Deal with Running into Bumble Matches IRL

Running into a Bumble match in real life, no matter the situation, can feel just as cringe-worthy as running into an ex. You screech to a halt, tense up, and probably feel a surge of cortisol — better known as the “stress hormone” — course through your body. 

Contrary to popular belief, the worst thing you can do is hide. Here are a few ways you can be the bigger person in any given encounter with a Bumble match — even if you’re freaking out on the inside. 

Scenario 1: You ghosted them

Well, first off, you shouldn’t ghost anyone. But we can all learn from our mistakes and grow to be better people. If you both lock eyes, approach them first. You can say something along the lines of, “Hey, I’m really sorry I dropped our convo. That was wrong of me. I didn’t think we would be a good fit, but I wish you the best.” 

Acknowledging that you ghosted someone gives everyone closure, especially your match. Being accountable for your actions is hard but brave. And it’s just the right thing to do. If you want to start breaking up with your bad dating habits, we have tons of tips.

Scenario 2: They ghosted you

Don’t feel like you have to engage. It’s one thing to be ignored via phone screen, since you’ve never seen each other. But to be stuck in a physical space with that person — and in such close proximity — makes the situation all the more real (and awkward). 

Use that closeness to your advantage. If you’ve seen each other or need to pass by them, be kind with a smile or nod, acknowledging their presence. Then move on. It’s probably enough to make them feel embarrassed of their decision. Let’s hope they’ll learn to be a better person, too.

But if you want to engage? Be honest with them. Tell them how being ghosted didn’t feel good, and how that could hurt other people, too. No need to be rude, just kind. 

Like we said, ghosting is not cool. If you’ve been ghosted, we have a few ways that can help kickstart your confidence and cope.

Scenario 3: Matched, but haven’t talked

Yet! Here’s your chance to make the first move and bypass all the online small talk. If they don’t look like they’re in the middle of something, chit-chat in person. 

Acknowledge the coincidence (if you want), or dive straight into introducing yourself. Mention something that stood out in their profile, or have a list of topics in the back of your mind when in a pinch. Or just simply mention something around you. Met in a grocery store? Talk about what you like to eat. Coffee shop? Ask who has the best brew in town. If all goes well, you might just end up making plans in person. 

Scenario 4: Matched, but it expired

We’re all busy people. And sometimes, time just gets the better of us. If you’re still interested in the match, try to make a move. Initiate a conversation. But if you’re not interested anymore, just keep it short and sweet. Make it obvious that you aren’t interested, but be respectful. If you need to, tell them you have to be somewhere else and disengage. Walk away before things get too awkward. The same goes for situations when your conversation on Bumble fizzled out.

Scenario 5: Didn’t match yet

If you swiped right and are waiting for an answer, the best thing you can do is make a move. Maybe they haven’t checked Bumble recently. Maybe they were busy. The options are endless! The best way to banish all those “what-if” questions is to just go for it.

And if you’re getting the vibe that they aren’t interested, you can cut the convo short and move on. At least you know now, and can tie all those loose ends for your wellbeing. 

Running into matches is definitely awkward. But instead of freezing up, see the situation as an opportunity for personal growth. Making the first move doesn’t just apply to dating — it can apply to any interaction, both on and off our app.