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WNRS x Bumble: A Card Game That Connects

Entire books are written about feeling instantly, intimately connected to someone you’ve only just met. In reality, the usual getting-to-know-you process is can be quite a bit slower — and sometimes confusing. 

To help usher people along from feeling like strangers to people who are strangely connected, L.A.-based artist Koreen Odiney created a card game.

Koreen describes We’re Not Really Strangers as a purpose driven game that allows you to create new relationships and even deepen existing ones. It consists of three carefully crafted levels of questions that two players ask one another, moving the conversation from first impressions to matters that lie far beneath the surface.

Together, we’ve created three expansion packs specifically for Bumble users. Tap here to win your own deck of Bumble Date cards (available only in the app) or download the sets here: WNRS x Bumble Date, WNRS x Bumble BFF, and WNRS x Bumble Bizz .

And warning: High levels of connectivity are ahead.