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How To Hustle Without Burning Out

Can you be a #boss without glorifying stress?

Is it ever ok to drop the ball?

What’s an introvert to do in a culture of open-plan offices?

We want to help answer these big questions, and more. Bumble Bizz has teamed up with The New York Times to bring you a series of workplace guides for women, by women. 

No, women shouldn’t *need* a handbook. But the workplace still isn’t equal. We hope this series will help women learn how to dodge landmines, fight bias, and not burn out in the process (or pick yourself up off the floor if you do). 

In Issue 1, former Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth takes on hustle culture. How can you succeed — and stay healthy — in a culture that seems to prize workaholism? 

Head to Bumble Bizz in the Bumble app now, check out more of the series here , and look out for a new bite-size guide each Wednesday.