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Year in Review: What Worked Best on Bumble

We’re lucky that so many of you fired up Bumble and took a chance on love, friendship, and networking this year. Because of that, we have a ton of interesting stats on what works, what users love, and some fail-proof recommendations on how to amp up your Bumble experience next year.

Check out the wrap up video (featuring Bumbler’s favorite meme-er, Tank Sinatra) above, and the most interesting metrics below!

Would you have guessed people spend the most time on Bumble on Sundays? Yep. The least amount of time spent on Bumble is on Friday — hopefully because everyone is out meeting up with their matches!

The magic number for matching is 6. As in, those who have 6 photos on their profile get the most matches!

Success comes in the form of short and snappy first moves. Messages between 10 and 15 words proved the most response-worthy, while sending a GIF proved to be a total game-changer.

We’re in the business of quality here. Women had an average of 10 connections per month and men had 8.

Medical sales proved to be the most mutually attractive profession for all genders.

Best time of day to send a message and get a convo going? 8pm – 10pm, folks. It’s a new kind of bedtime reading.

Stay tuned on social for more tips and tricks from 2017!