Romantic Beach Date Ideas

Romantic Beach Date Ideas

It’s easy to see why so many of us fantasise about a romantic beach date upon meeting someone special. The view, the sunset, the ocean—it’s a picturesque setting that’s hard to beat. However, there’s a lot to consider for a date at the beach. The sand (it gets everywhere), the weather (it can be unpredictable), the toilet facilities (extremely necessary)—it’s not always easy out there. Thankfully, we have spoken to our wonderful Bumble community to help put together the ultimate beach date ideas guide.

Pick a spot

Unless you’re a wealthy celebrity, or extremely lucky, it’s unlikely that you have a house on the beachfront. You’ll need to find a beach that’s near to you, and ideally one that you’ve been to before—you don’t want to turn up with your date and it be more of a swamp. “I once went on a date with this girl, she had planned everything to a tee,” says Hannah, 31. “She drove us to what she thought was a beautiful, secluded beach. Let’s just say we walked for what felt like hours and never found the water.” We suggest taking a trip ahead of the beach date to make sure you get your bearings, know where you’re heading, and also have a particular spot in mind (ideally with a great view of the landscape or ocean). It’s also worth checking the rules and restrictions of the beach—whether they allow fires, barbecues, or if there's protected wildlife in the area. All of these things can make or break a date on the beach. 

Get packing

Once you’ve picked a destination, the next thing to think about are the necessities. Being out for a long period of time means you need to be prepared. “My top tip is to pack sun tan lotion,” says Isabel, 26. “Even if you put it on before you leave the house, you always need to apply more than you think you will!” Skincare is sexy, after all. We’d also recommend bringing a towel or foam mat for you and your date to sit on—pebbles and sand don’t exactly make for the comfiest of seats. A blanket or sweater for the evening is also a good thing to pack, as no matter how hot it is in the day time, beaches get super cold at night. “I went on a first date with someone to a local beach at night, to look out at the ocean,” says Sam, 29. “I had two big blankets in my trunk, and we ended up sitting there and chatting for what felt like hours.” A flashlight could also be a handy item to bring if you’re planning on staying out in the dark. 

Keeping hydrated on the beach couldn’t be more important—you don’t want you or your date to pass out. Bring plenty of water to last you through the day or night. And of course, there’s food. If you’re planning a longer beach date, sustenance is key—as Bethany, 27 confirms. “For mine and my now boyfriend’s third date I took us to a beach and I packed this huge picnic. We had everything from strawberries to sandwiches, and it was just the most perfect day.” Load up the cool box with some pre-made or store bought snacks, but make sure to not bring anything too adventurous—keep it simple with shareable finger food like chips and dip. Remember, being out in the open air means a gust of wind or a running child could trample your beach set up, so it’s best not to opt for anything too fancy or complicated. Alternatively, you could go out for food once you’re done at the beach. Look up some good spots nearby beforehand. 

Activity time

Planning what time you want to have your beach date is crucial. Do you want to watch a romantic sunset, or arrange a midday picnic? The weather massively affects both of these—nobody wants to sit outside in the rain or clouds. Make sure to check the forecast before your romantic beach setup. If it’s looking clear, it might be worth thinking about activities for you and your date (besides eating and drinking). Building a bonfire, if it’s permitted, can be super romantic—see our guide on bonfire dates here. “There’s something so fun about a group bonfire hang at night on the beach,” says Sam. “You can speak to new people, and it’s just great to be outdoors.” For a more intimate setting, we’d recommend packing a speaker to play some music. It can provide the perfect backdrop to crashing waves and scenic skies. “Music being played out loud on the beach just hits different,” says Emily, 28. “It can also help with awkward silences if you don’t know one another too well just yet.” 

If you and your date are the sporty kind, what about playing some beach games? Volleyball, frisbee, tennis…there are so many options to choose from. As Emily says: “I went on a beach date with this guy who had the cutest French Bulldog. We spent most of the day throwing around a ball for her, and it was a great way for us to connect.” If you’re feeling adventurous, you could head to a beach which has an amusement park and check out the rides. It’s definitely best to avoid the rollercoasters after eating, but you can always opt for a more chill boardwalk activity instead. “I love going on ferris wheels with a date,” says Jack, 23. “It feels like you’re in a movie, and there’s always a chance you’ll get stuck at the top and be able to sneak a kiss!” You can also try and win your date a stuffed animal prize on the claw machine to end the night—but no pressure. 

Romantic beach walks are also a failsafe option. Our top tip when planning a beach date is not to overthink it. Being outside in nature, and sharing that experience between the pair of you, is a perfect date within itself. As Jack says: “Walking and talking, no matter the location, is the best thing in the world when you’re with the right person.” 

To swim or not to swim

Naturally, one of the biggest appeals of a date on the beach is the water. However, it can be intimidating to get into your swimwear in front of someone new. Discussing whether or not swimming is part of the plan is super important to avoid any awkwardness—and also to make sure both of you pack accordingly. As Mark explains: “I agreed to go on a beach date with someone quite recently…when we got there, my date instantly stripped down to her bathing suit and ran into the water. I hadn’t packed anything to swim in, and didn’t feel like jumping in in my boxers! It turned out OK in the end, but I thought we were just going to take a walk down the shore.” As always, communication is key. If both you and your date decide you fancy a swim, there are a few things to consider. Most beaches have bathrooms where you’re able to change, but it’s definitely worth checking this out beforehand. Packing a fresh set of clothes and underwear is also a good idea, as you never know what could end up getting wet or covered in sand. “Oh, you definitely don’t want to forget to bring your underwear,” says Emily. “If you go to the beach with your swimsuit under your clothes, and then have nothing to change into when you get out of the water…it’s not the best!” You may also want to bring along a hairbrush and some toiletries, depending on what your post-swim plans are. Bringing along what you need to feel comfortable means you can relax and be at ease around your date. 

Swimming at night time is not permitted at most beaches. Without a lifeguard on duty, we strongly advise you to not go swimming in the dark. Keeping both you and your date safe is Bumble’s top priority, so please, don’t do anything we wouldn’t do. 

As you can see, there are plenty of possible beach activities for couples. Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired to plan an epic beach date with your next Bumble connection. It might not be one of the simplest dates to arrange, but hey, the best things in life aren’t always easy. Putting in a little work can mean a whole lot of return. Just make sure to think ahead, and put safety first (we really mean it about sunscreen and water) and the rest will follow. Now, go and dig out those flip flops…