Easter Date Ideas

Easter Date Ideas

With egg hunts, bunnies, and copious amounts of chocolate, Easter can understandably feel like more of a holiday for kids. However, there’s plenty to get excited about as an adult, and we’ve done the legwork. For anyone who is unaware, Easter is one of the principal holidays of Christianity. It marks the Resurrection of Jesus three days after his death by crucifixion, and the earliest recorded observance of Easter comes from the second century. Whether you mark it in a religious way, a secular way, or not at all, the time is ripe with opportunities for cute Easter date ideas. Spring has well and truly sprung by the time Easter rolls around, which opens up a world of possibility. Allow us to guide you through our best Easter date ideas, complete with some advice from our global Bumble community. 

Ultimate eggs

Obviously we can’t talk about Easter date ideas without, what some may consider, the most important part of Easter: eggs.

Throughout history, people have given each other eggs at spring festivals to celebrate the new season; they represent new life and rebirth and thus, this ancient custom became a part of Easter celebrations. However, rather than give your date a box of regular chicken eggs, we suggest decorating them together instead. “Dying or painting Easter eggs is so much fun,” says Ellen, 31. “It’s a great way to get creative and celebrate the holiday.” Just remember to boil the eggs first! Leave them to cool, or run them under cold water before painting. Then invite your date over for an Easter egg craft session—cover a table with paper or a cloth to protect against spillages, have the paints and brushes at the ready, and get imaginative together. You can then display them in a cute basket for a festive flourish, give them to a family member, or even take part in a traditional egg rolling competition.

The most famous egg roll takes place annually on the lawn of the White House, and whilst you can enter the lottery to get an invite, it’s probably best to make other plans. “If one of you has kids, and are at the stage in your relationship where you’re ready to introduce them to one another, these kinds of activities can be a great way to do so,” says Daisy, 27. Whilst a slightly sloping hill at a local park might not be as grand as the White House lawn, all that really matters is whose egg rolls the fastest. 

If painting and decorating isn’t your thing—don’t fret. Chocolate eggs are the modern, much more popular incarnation of Easter eggs. You could arrange an egg hunt for your date, and hide eggs around the house or garden for them to find. Of course you’ll have to pre-arrange that they split their findings with you. If that feels too strenuous, take a more relaxed approach and give your date a boxed chocolate egg on Easter Sunday. “I actually think a chocolate Easter egg makes for a pretty cool gift,” says Hannah, 26. “It’s not as lame as a regular box of chocolates, but it’s also not trying too hard. It’s low-key thoughtful.” If your date is vegan or dairy free, there are plenty of alternative options widely available these days, so they won’t have to miss out on the occasion. 

Adorable animals

It’s a well-known fact that the cutest Easter date ideas involve baby animals. Take your date to a local farm or petting zoo to see an abundance of newborn chicks, goats, and lambs. You may have to jostle with a bunch of human children to get the opportunity to hold one, but hey, it’ll be worth it. “An inner-city farm is a great date spot when it’s warmer out,” confirms Ellen. If you or your date have children already, a farm can also be a good way of bringing you all together. “Seeing how your date interacts with animals can be quite telling of their overall character” adds Daisy. “Animals also provide a great distraction for the kids, so the two of you can get the opportunity to really chat.”  

If neither you or your date are animal people, there are plenty of other Easter date night ideas to partake in. As Hannah explains: “Once, me and my then partner were debating what the Easter bunny actually looks like. We couldn’t decide, so we both ended up drawing our own versions of how we see the bunny!” 

If art isn’t your bag, then opt for something completely different. Wendy, 32 says: “Going out on a boat is a nice spring time activity. I realise it’s not directly related to Easter, but that time of year feels like the beginning of being able to enjoy the outdoors and the increase in temperature.” Head to a local river and rent a rowboat for a less obvious Easter date experience. For those lacking in sea legs, a lengthy stroll to see newly blooming flowers would also make for a perfect Easter date. As Aisha, 28, says: “This time of year is really just so beautiful—it feels like nature is slowly starting to wake up!” 

Delicious dishes

Whilst Easter traditions tend to vary around the world, there’s no denying that food is a crucial part of any celebration. And seeing as almost all good dates incorporate food, it makes sense to combine the two. If you’re at the stage in your relationship where you’re ready for your date to meet your friends or family, cooking a big Easter dinner could be the perfect way to do so. As Wendy recalls: “I always remember my now wife inviting me over for Easter Sunday with her family when we were dating. Her and her father had made this delicious rack of lamb with all the trimmings, and everyone was so warm and welcoming.” 

If you aren’t at the ‘meet the family’ stage yet, you can still cook together with just the two of you. “Decorating cookies is fun all year round, but you can use Easter-shaped cutters and designs to make them ultra festive,” says Lizzie, 28. You could also attempt to make native Easter delicacies from across the globe, such as English hot cross buns. These sweet, spiced buns are usually eaten on Good Friday, believed to represent the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and to signify the end of Lent, which makes sense—who wouldn't want to celebrate with warm, cinnamon-loaded goodness? Or you could try and create a babka instead. This sweet, buttery Polish yeast bread takes the cake in many Polish people's swięcone basket, and is usually taken to church to be blessed on Easter Saturday. You and your date could either be inspired by your own individual heritages, or search for inspirational recipes to cook together as a way of celebrating Easter. 

Faith and religion

Religion and dating can sometimes be tricky. It’s always best to make sure your views are clear from the start—this can be done by selecting and adding the ‘Religion’ button to your Bumble profile. This ensures all potential matches know exactly where you stand. As we’ve mentioned, Easter is a Christian holiday which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. “I find going to church on Easter Sunday a comforting experience, even though I wouldn’t say I am that religious,” says Ellen. “It’s more of a way of connecting with other people in the community.” 

So there you have it—plenty of cute Easter date ideas to get you started. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor, nature-filled experience or a homely, food-focussed afternoon, there are so many things to do at Easter to suit you and your Bumble date. And remember, if they don’t share their chocolate, you’ll know for sure that they aren’t the one.