Halloween Dates Ideas

Halloween Dates Ideas

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. Believe it or not, this holiday can provide plenty of opportunities for romance. So buckle up, grab your Bumble match, and get ready for our ultimate list of Halloween date ideas (ghosts of dating past not necessary).

Make toffee apples

Let’s start small. Toffee apples are the ultimate autumnal treat, and homemade ones taste way better than store-bought. You and your date can even shop for the perfect apples at your local fall farmers’ market. Whip up some toffee, dunk your apples, and don’t forget toppings like sprinkles and nuts. Let them chill, et voila! 

Or make your own candy

You know trick-or-treaters will be coming a-knocking on October 31, and instead of forking out for pricey candy at the store, you can take the opportunity for a cooking session-turned-Halloween date night idea. Put on aprons and allow your sweet-tooth to guide what you make in the kitchen: cookies, brownies, fudge, caramels…the options are endless, and tasty. Even if it all goes wrong, it’s still a great way for you and your date to hang out and get to know one another (and snack on anything that isn’t burnt to a crisp). 

Watch scary movies

We covered this in our October Date Ideas guide, but it’s also a solid Halloween date idea. Go to the movie theater for a new slasher picture or stream old classics from home. You can also arrange to watch scary movies one-on-one, or invite a bunch of friends for a more casual Halloween date night idea. Your homemade candy or toffee apples will provide the perfect snack, and you can even dress up as your favorite film characters to go the extra mile. 

Create spooky costumes

Speaking of dressing up… If you and your Bumble date have a big Halloween party to go to, why not help each other make costumes? It’s much cheaper than buying them from the store, and also much better for the environment—an ultimate cheap Halloween date idea. If you don’t have clothes or accessories you can work with already, go hunting in thrift stores or charity shops together and then let your imaginations run wild. Not the super crafty type? Don’t worry. Cutting eye holes in old bedsheets works every time for a spooky ghost costume, as does wrapping yourself in toilet paper as a mummy. It’s not about the skill level of the costume, but spending quality time with your date that’s important. 

Go pumpkin picking

This is such a cute Halloween date idea we can’t even deal. Find a local pumpkin patch and head out with your date for a day of fun-loving nature-hunting. Select your favorite pumpkins to take home for our next Halloween date idea…

Pumpkin carving

After you’ve got the fruits of your labor home, it’s time to start getting them Halloween ready. Choose a design together or, if you have two pumpkins, you can each carve one and surprise the other for an added element of fun. Always make sure to be careful when using sharp knives and cutting equipment—there’s nothing scarier than a trip to the emergency room on Halloween. Once you’ve hollowed out your pumpkins (save the seeds to toast them for a seasonal snack) and carved the designs, it’s time to light them up and put them on display. Be sure to take pictures of your Jack-o’-lantern masterpieces. 

Visit a haunted house

Granted, this idea isn’t for the faint of heart, but what’s a more Halloween-themed date idea than visiting a haunted house? Buy tickets to one at your local theme park (more on that later) or research seasonal haunted houses in your area. You and your date will have to comfort each other if things get too scary—but that’s kind of the point, right? 

Rent a cabin

If you’re more into cute houses than haunted ones, why not escape to the country by renting a cabin with your date? A cozy weekend away can be a great way to take your relationship to the next level, and you can choose a spot that’s completely ghost-free. (Though if you do decide to embrace the Halloween spirit, you can always watch a scary movie or two.) Obviously, this isn’t a first-date suggestion. It’s best if you know your date pretty well before taking a trip together. Also, be sure to let your friends or family know where you’re going and with whom.

Have a candlelit dinner

This is a more sophisticated take on a Halloween date idea. Either cook a meal or order take-out and decorate your table with fake cobwebs, skulls, and spiders for a spooky feel. Turn out the lights and instead use candles for an eerie-yet-romantic atmosphere. Take the opportunity to embrace the old and ban all tech from the table—no phones or tablets allowed. That way you can really focus on the conversation and get to know (but hopefully not terrify) one another. 

Get your fortunes told

We think this is a really fun and easy Halloween date idea. Find a fortune teller in your area and make appointments for yourself and your date. You could even keep it as a surprise and not tell your date where you’re going. Embrace the supernatural, see what the fortune teller has to say, and then compare notes afterwards—perhaps there will be an upcoming wedding in both of your futures… 

Go to a Halloween-themed bar

If you’re not into decorating or cooking, go somewhere where they’ve done all the hard work for you. Wherever you live, there’s bound to be a bar or restaurant that will have decked the halls ready for a night of spooky celebrations. Invite your Bumble date for the easiest of Halloween date night ideas. 

Hit up the amusement park

Plenty of amusement parks do Halloween themed nights or “fright nights” to honor the holiday. Be sure to buy tickets in advance and come in costume if you really want to have a good time. Riding a rollercoaster dressed as a vampire is a pretty cool Halloween date night idea if you ask us. 

Find a Halloween parade

If you love dressing up but didn’t score an invite to a Halloween party, then why not attend a Halloween parade? Once you and your date have nailed your costumes, head out into the night with other thrillseekers. 

So there you have it, our list of unique Halloween date ideas. It’s a fun time of year with so much potential for great dates, but make sure you stay safe out there. Keep an eye on your surroundings and be prepared for any troublemakers. That way your night will have more treats than tricks.