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I’ve got dating burnout

Dating app burnout is real, and it’s on us as Bumble to recognize that.

From boredom when you’re not matching right through to frustration after a bad date, burnout can come from a few places.

So firstly, if you are feeling burnt out, use our Snooze feature to take a break without losing your chats and connections. Otherwise, here are extra things we hope will help:

Browse mindfully

Bumble isn’t a place for instant gratification, it’s a place to make meaningful connections. The profiles you see are real people.

So, browse mindfully. Consider what you could have in common and remember that meaningful connections with great people rarely happen overnight.

Stay balanced

Dating is only one part of life, alongside friends, family, work, hobbies, self-care, and fun! It’s healthy to focus on these things too if ever you’re feeling burnt out.

Keep the faith

We really believe there’s someone on Bumble for everybody, and our Success Stories show why. Check them out for a reminder of why it’s worth keeping the faith.