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Sending an Invite to Night In

How do I invite someone for a Night In?

You can invite any of your matches by opening the chat between you and your match, then tapping the "Night In" icon located in the top header. This opens up the Night In home screen where you can invite your match. We’ll also send you a prompt to suggest a Night In with the matches you’ve been exchanging a few messages with - you can send invites by tapping on these too.

We’ll let you know if your match accepts, then you can return to the Night In home screen to schedule a day and time for your date. 

What happens if they turn down my Night In invite?

If your match decides to turn your Night In invite down, we’ll let you know straight away. Remember, they might not be able to make it for any number of reasons.  They might be busy, too shy to meet face to face, or just not into trivia. Try not to take it personally. You can always message them to see if they want to do it some other time. We’ll encourage them to let you know why they declined the invite. If they’re just not interested, get out there and find someone who is!

Note: Night In is available only in selected markets. 

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