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Safety on the App

On Bumble, your safety is important to us. Our Community Guidelines were created to ensure that everyone in the Hive upholds our values of kindness, respect, and equality. In addition to our guidelines, we are grateful for a strong community that helps hold each other accountable. We will never hesitate to take action when someone has broken the rules – we’ve got your back!

We will always be here to support you, however, we also believe that our users should feel empowered to exercise good judgment and take safety precautions when meeting new people. Here are a few tips from our team on how to stay safe when connecting on Bumble.

1. Be Cautious about Sharing Personal Information

Your phone number, home address, and any other private details about your life are all yours. Consider keeping them top secret until you feel confident that you can trust the person you’re chatting with. If you wouldn’t share this info with a stranger in real life, it’s probably best to hang onto it.

Safety can even start before the first message. Be aware that your profile can contain lots of personal information as well. If the information in your profile could be used to locate you, it might be worth omitting. For example:

  • It’s 100% okay to leave out specifics about where you work. We love seeing jobs listed as “Account Manager” at “Tech Company” or “Barista” at “Locally-owned shop.”
  • Do you love solo hikes at dusk? It may be safest to avoid posting a photo that shows you in a specific location you frequently visit. 

2. Never Share Financial Information or Transfer Money

Even after trust is established, there is never any reason to share your bank information. If someone asks for payment information (e.g., bank routing details, mother’s maiden name, credit card numbers), report it immediately.

3. Use Our Block/Report Feature

We have a team of moderators working around the clock to keep out spam, fake profiles, and anyone who violates our Community Guidelines. The best way to bring our attention to an account that sets off any red flags is to use our in-app reporting option. All reports are kept completely anonymous, so a reported user will never know who flagged their account.

If you ever miss the opportunity to report someone within the app (e.g., because you unmatched with the user or you deleted your account), it’s not too late! You can always make a report via our Contact Us button in the app, or by emailing us. Our dedicated and caring Support Team takes every report seriously and is always willing to help.

Not sure if what you experienced is worthy of a report? Trust your gut; if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Our team of moderators will investigate and take appropriate action. Meeting new people shouldn't be scary, and a healthy dose of preparation can make all the difference in helping you feel at ease.

*Note: If you’re a member of our current Bumble Beta Program, you can head here to find information about additional reporting options.