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Safety On Bumble

Making sure that our community is safe is at the heart of Bumble’s mission and is our highest priority. We believe that everyone deserves a safe and comfortable place to make empowered, respectful, and meaningful connections.

Since our founding, we’ve introduced a roster of initiatives to help keep you safe while using Bumble Date, Bizz, and BFF. These include:

At Bumble we have a team working around the clock to keep out spam, fake profiles, and anyone who violates our community guidelines. Bumble is all about safe online dating; sexual harassment, abuse, fraud and violence are not permitted on our platforms.

If you see any bad behavior on Bumble such as a member whose behavior is suspicious, offensive, harassing, threatening, fraudulent, or involves a request for money or an attempt to sell a product or service; or if you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to use the Block & Report feature. Here, you can read more about what happens when you report someone on Bumble—and remember that even if you’ve unmatched a person, you can still use any information you have about them to file a report with our safety team or reach out to law enforcement.