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What's the difference between a match and an admirer?

Imagine it: You’re swiping along when you come across an amazing profile. You get a little excited, maybe you’re already thinking about your first move. Holding your breath you slide them to the right only for that magical Boom! Screen to appear. Because both you and this other user have swiped to the right you two are now a match.

All of your most recent matches will appear right above your messages in your Match Queue. Once a conversation gets going, they’ll move down into your messages.

Admirers are a bit different. These users have swiped to the right on your profile (because, duh, you’re awesome) but you haven’t swiped to the left or right on them yet. If you’re a Bumble Premium subscriber you can actually take a peek at your admirers in the Beeline and decide from there if you want to swipe to the left or right.

Remember: Sometimes an admirer won’t appear in your swipe deck because they don’t fit your filters (e.g. age, distance, or Advanced Filters like astrological signs). We recommend switching up your filters from time to time, you never know who may surprise you!