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Safety IRL

On Bumble, your safety is important to us. Our Community Guidelines were created to ensure that everyone in the Hive upholds our values of kindness, respect, and equality. In addition to our guidelines, we are grateful for a strong community that helps hold each other accountable. We will never hesitate to take action when someone has broken the rules – we've got your back!

We will always be here to support you, however, we also believe that our users should feel empowered to exercise good judgment and take safety precautions when meeting new people. Here are few tips from our team on how to stay safe when connecting on Bumble:

1. Channel Your Inner Secret Agent

Some people might prefer to preserve a little mystery before a date, but it's always okay to do a little homework before meeting a new person in real life. Do they have any skeletons big enough to have made the news? Are they the webmaster for a popular Buffy fan page? It never hurts to know these things early.

2. Ask for Verification

No one wants to be catfished. If you're meeting a match in person that doesn't have that little blue checkmark, ask them to verify beforehand. It takes less than a minute – here's how!

3. Set up a Video Chat or Voice Call

Scheduling a video chat or voice call can be a great way to ensure that you really vibe and that you feel comfortable moving things to an in-person meetup. Who wants to brave traffic unless they've had the comfort of a great call first?

4. Meet in a Public Place

This isn't an 80s rom-com; we don't recommend having a date pick you up at your place or vice versa. It can be a lot of fun to pick a place you've both never been to before – that new food truck you've been meaning to try, the roller rink you pass every day on your commute – the possibilities are endless, and more importantly, safer. At a total loss for where to go? See if we have Bumble Spot in your area!

Meeting in a lively public place also means you can enlist the help of staff or other patrons if you need help. If something doesn't feel right, it's always ok to prioritize your safety. Want to slip away? You can ask a waiter to give your date a note. Need your match to give you space? Ask a bouncer to have them escorted out. Keeping yourself safe is more important than anything else.

5. Tell Someone You Trust

Whether it's your mom, your roommate, or your entire group text of BFFs – tell someone (1) where you're going, (2) who you're meeting, and (3) when you get home. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can even send your person a screenshot of your date's profile for good measure. You can temporarily share your location (iPhone / Android) on your phone with your inner circle.

Meeting a new person shouldn't be scary, and a healthy dose of preparation can make all the difference in helping you feel at ease.