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Why we’re asking about race & ethnicity

Ethnicity is an important part of our identity. And we want everyone to feel represented and seen on Bumble.

Inclusivity as a priority

We wholeheartedly believe that people from all cultures, backgrounds and identities should be able to make safe, kind connections on Bumble. We know we have work to do when it comes to helping people from systematically marginalized communities connect. This matters deeply to us and is something were actively working to improve.

 Why we ask about ethnicity

We ask an optional question about your race and ethnicity to understand members better, improve representation, and help make Bumble a more inclusive space. We’ve listened to feedback and we’ll use this information to help folks from systematically marginalised backgrounds connect with each other, because we know this is important to many of you.

We take your privacy very seriously. We’ll keep this information safe and treat it responsibly. 

Choose how you identify

You can choose from up to five options that best describe your race and ethnicity. You can share these on your profile, if you'd like, or keep them private. It's completely up to you.

If you can't find an option that you identify with, let us know. We want to keep improving this experience, and expect the ethnicity options to grow as we learn more from our members. 

You're in control of what you share on Bumble. If you ever want to stop sharing information about your race and ethnicity with us, just head to your profile editor and deselect any options you've previously selected. 

Safety first, always

We don't tolerate identity-based hate on Bumble. This includes racism, xenophobia, colourism, or fetishization. If you experience this, please do report it. It's something we take very seriously—and always will. You can check our identity-based hate policy for extra information.