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What is Private Detector and how does it work?

Our algorithm determines if a photo you’ve been sent may contain a lewd image and gives you the power to choose whether or not you’d like to view it.

If you’ve been sent a lewd photo, the Bumble app will warn you that it may contain nudity before you decide to open it. If you do not want to see this image, simply select ‘Decline’ under the photo. The image will be deleted from your chat and you will be prompted with the option to block the user. If you chose to block this person the chat will be removed from both parties' message screen and you will no longer be able to view one another's profiles.

If the Private Detector has recognized a photo as potentially lewd and you would like to view it, just select the photo, confirm that you wish to view it and continue chatting.

If you are sending someone a photo that is suspected to contain lewd imagery, the Private Detector will remind you that sending such an image may lead to you being reported. Consent is crucial. If you send an unsolicited lewd photo and are reported, you will be blocked from using the app.