Adventurous Date Ideas

Adventurous Date Ideas

If you’re keen to up the ante, our list of adventurous date ideas will bring added thrills to your new connections. Dating should be exciting, after all—so why not try something new with someone new? From a global treasure hunt to a trapeze class, getting lost together, and enjoying a spot of stargazing, these ideas are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. 

Remember, we always want you to be safe and comfortable. We recommend leaving the indoor dates in this list until further down the line, always meeting first dates somewhere public and telling someone you trust where you are and when you expect to be back.

Fun adventurous date ideas 

Join the global treasure hunt with geocaching 

“What on earth is geocaching?”, we hear you ask. Well, it’s essentially a global scavenger hunt, in which people look for hidden stashes of objects, otherwise known as caches. Sign up online to be sent clues about geocaching spots in your area then use a GPS device (such as your phone) to find them. Be sure to return the favor to the next treasure hunters and hide your own caches for them to find – think foreign currency, ornaments, and key chains. Have you ever heard of a more fun date idea? We think not.

Go au naturel with some foraging

If you love being at one with nature, a foraging excursion is a unique date idea. Even better if you count yourself as a foodie too—then you can go home and cook your crop! We recommend going with an expert guide rather than DIY-ing this, as there are plenty of things out there that you definitely shouldn’t be eating. No one wants a date to result in a trip to the emergency room.

Hang upside down at a trapeze class

A fun adventurous date idea for those keen to try something a little different, why not find a beginner’s trapeze class in your hometown? You might both be a little trepidatious, so it’ll involve lots of mutual encouragement and teamwork—great for bonding. If you end up loving it, keep going back. Imagine how cool it would be if you nailed a couple’s trapeze catch!

Plan a camping trip

Rally the troops (and their dates too!) and head out on a weekend camping trip. Of course, this adventurous date idea is only appropriate when you’ve got to know your match really well and you feel safe with them. If you’ve been dating for a while, being at one with nature, stargazing, putting up a tent, cooking over a campfire and making s’mores is likely to strengthen that bond. 

Adventurous date ideas for summer 

Test your balance with stand-up paddling boarding 

This is a fantastic adventurous date idea for summer. What’s not to like about paddling along under the sun? SUP is all the rage these days and it can be a great way to build a connection with a new match. Grab a waterproof bag, pack a picnic in it, and paddleboard to an idyllic spot for lunch. 

Rent a tandem kayak

For those keen on water sports but less keen on the possibility of falling in, why not rent a kayak? Hire one each or ask for a tandem kayak for a more romantic trip which will make you work together—unless you want to go around in circles, that is. Teamwork makes the dream work, hey?

Fly through nature with zip-lining 

If you’re looking for thrills, ziplining is a brilliant adventurous date idea. Speeding through nature suspended at a height might test your limits, but you’ll be cheering each other on, which is a great way to form a close bond. It’ll likely release plenty of endorphins too (the happy hormones) which will help you to forge a strong relationship.

The best adventurous date ideas

Go on a foodie tour

Intrepid foodies will love this adventurous date idea. Have breakfast together at home, then have lunch 20km away and dinner 50km away! Sounds a bit wild, right? But combining a road trip with delicious food, exploring new places, and spending plenty of quality time together is a unique date that will create so many memories. Just make sure you calculate enough time to get home, especially if you’re using public transport!

Get your thrills off-roading 

For the daredevils out there, off-roading is an adrenaline-fuelled date idea. Make sure you pick a safe location where you won’t be breaking the law (!) and then start exploring. If you don’t have an appropriate car, plenty of companies offer off-roading tours, too, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Get lost in a surprise destination

Another pretty crazy date idea, turn up at your local bus or train station and jump on the first available transport out of there. Who knows where you’ll end up? Fingers crossed it’ll be a hip city or a gorgeous landscape—and if not, you’ll have a story to tell. It goes without saying that we never want you to be unsafe, so be sure to have a quick read about your surprise destination before jumping aboard. 

Romantic adventurous date ideas

Cook something new 

Calling all foodies and budding chefs, why not widen your cooking repertoire and test your skills by cooking your Bumble match something you’ve never made before?Better still, get them involved and cook up a storm together. They say a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, after all… Let’s just hope you don’t burn it!

Spot constellations with stargazing

If you live in an urban area, it can often be difficult to see any stars. Why not grab your match, and plan an evening road trip out to the countryside? Pick your spot wisely and be sure it’s safe, then pack plenty of layers, and a blanket to lie on, and get stargazing! Be sure to brush up on a few constellations beforehand to impress each other with how many you know—we can aim higher than the two dippers, guys.

Do something that scares you

Right, so this might not sound like the most romantic date idea, but there is something to be said for facing your fears with someone. Be it visiting the reptile house at your local zoo, ascending to vertiginous heights at a local landmark, or something as hair-raising as bungee-jumping, you’ll likely be surprised by the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from conquering your fears with your match by your side.

Travel to a new destination 

The excited butterflies you get before visiting a new place are only heightened by doing it with a match. This is an adventurous date idea for when you’ve got to know each other well already, pick out an affordable destination, pack your bags, and get going. You’ll likely love exploring a new place together, getting a culture hit, and sampling local food.