April Date Ideas

April Date Ideas

When you think of April, it can be easy to get stuck on April Fool’s Day. If you don’t feel like pranking your date (we can’t blame you) there are plenty of other thrilling calendar moments throughout the month that make for great April date ideas. A profusion of spring flowers, along with longer and warmer days, mean the great outdoors are finally back on the agenda. There are also a profusion of fun and deeply meaningful days; among them World Table Tennis Day, World Art Day, and our personal favourite, National Carbonara Day. As you begin to spend more time outside in the warm and sunny spring weather, be sure to celebrate some of these incredibly special April moments with your next Bumble date—after all, what could be more special than International ASMR Day?  

April Fools Day, April 1

We had to include some April Fools date ideas for all you jokers out there. Firstly, the scale of the prank should depend on how well you know one another—you don’t want them to get the wrong idea. Our recommendation here is harmless, lighthearted fun. Think temporary tattoos, switching the cereal boxes, or hiding their phone. No fake proposals please! You don’t want your date to end up in tears. The goal is to make them laugh, and that comes from knowing somebody well enough to learn how to do so—you’ll know that better than we will. 

International Pillow Fight Day, April 1

If April Fools date ideas aren’t your thing, then you’re in luck. This year, April 1st is also International Pillow Fight Day, which falls on the first Saturday of the month. Of course, everyone celebrates this special and ancient holiday in their own unique ways, often honouring IPFD traditions going back many generations.

Ours involves fluffing up some extra plump pillows and preparing for the ultimate battle with our date. Raise the stakes with a prize incentive, such as the loser having to cook dinner. Just make sure not to hit too hard—you’ll need your date in good shape for another momentous April holiday which, as chance would have it, is detailed in the next paragraph!

National Carbonara Day, April 6

Strictly speaking, this is an Italian thing—but you can celebrate wherever you are in the world. Many people love carbonara, especially when it’s homemade, so impress your date by whipping up a bowl of the delicious creamy pasta dish to share. If you aren’t a chef, don’t worry —it’s carbonara after all, not lobster bisque. But if even this seems like a step too far, just make a reservation at your local Italian restaurant so you can celebrate this holiday in the only way that seems appropriate: eating a lot of pasta. 

World Table Tennis Day, April 6

April brings brighter and longer days, so why not head to your local park for some outdoor table tennis? Many have tables for public use, so all you’ll need are some paddles and a few balls. You and your date can get competitive and have your own tournament. Remember, with table tennis, it’s mainly in the wrist, so don’t feel as though you need to be majorly sporty to enjoy this activity. Basic hand-eye coordination, however, is required. 

World Health Day, April 7 

Health is wealth, after all. Hot on the heels of World Table Tennis Day is another potential excuse to move your body: use this day to boost both your physical and/or mental health. Take your date out for a fresh, fruit-filled smoothie, followed by a park walk. You could even suggest a park run, if both of you are fitness fanatics. 

International ASMR Day, April 9

If you haven’t heard of ASMR, welcome back from your trip to the Moon. But even those with access to the internet might not know what it stands for. Well, ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’ is a viral phenomenon for a reason: we just can’t get enough of gentle whispering, hair colouring, and chewing (yes, really) videos. You and your date can pick your favourite ASMR sounds to share with one another. Or, if you haven’t experienced ASMR before, you can go on a sensory discovery deep-dive together. Just make sure not to fall asleep. 

Easter Sunday, April 9

We won’t go too much into this one, as we’ve put together an entire Easter dating guide elsewhere. However, giving the gift of a chocolate easter egg to your date never goes unnoticed. Dressing up as a bunny is not required (but hey, it’s your life, so you go ahead and live it how you want).

World Art Day, April 15

What better time to hit up your local gallery than World Art Day? Take your date to the latest exhibition, so that you can both experience something new together. Alternatively, if you are a passionate art fan, take your date to see some of your favourite paintings or pieces. Explain why you like them, and see if they have any favourites themself. Or, if you really want to make the most of this day, create some art yourselves. Paints, paper, pens, collage—use any medium you like to get yours and your dates creative juices flowing. Art is one of the best ways to connect with other people, we’ve heard.

World Voice Day, April 16

OK, we don’t expect everyone to be a singer and to serenade their date. But if you are, World Voice Day would be a pretty good day to show off your vocal dexterity. Extra points if you can play an instrument at the same time. But for those of us who aren’t musically gifted, arranging a concert to go to with your date is perhaps a more relaxing way to bask in the talent of others. If concerts aren’t your thing, you and your date can listen to some of your favourite singers at home. Of course, you can do this on literally any other day of the year, too.

National Tea Day, April 21

This is a British celebration, so use the opportunity to act like a true Brit. Put the kettle on and brew a pot of—you guessed it—tea for you and your date to share. There are so many kinds of teas, of course, and while many of them are considerably harder to spell than English Breakfast (we’re looking at you, Darjeeling and Rooibos), they also come with a range of different benefits. If you and your date are big tea drinkers, why not put together a blind tasting session. But whatever you do, don’t forget to supply the appropriate biscuits for dunking—crimes of this magnitude could lead to all sorts of trouble. Please, leave those custard creams in the cupboard. They have no place near tea of any description. 

World Laboratory Day, April 23

While we perhaps didn’t believe our teachers at the time, we’re aligned now: science is pretty amazing. Whilst it’s unlikely you and your date will fancy hanging out in a laboratory, there are thankfully other ideas you can try that don’t involve Bunsen burners. Taking a trip to a science museum could be both educational and fun, or if you fancy something more adventurous, you could set up an at-home science experiment. We’d recommend something easy like crystal growing (it’s a thing, we promise)—you don’t want to end up blowing yours or your date's roof off. 

World Penguin Day, April 25

Penguins are undeniably loveable, so it makes sense they have an entire day dedicated to them. Fortunately, this celebration is one you can enjoy even if you’re not a penguin. So read on, humans. World Penguin Day, while not yet a global holiday (we can only assume the lobbyists are working on this ardently), is a great excuse to take your date to the local zoo to spot some real-life penguins, and maybe even feed them (the designated food, please, not human snacks). Of course, real-life penguins also live in the actual wild and if you’ve got the means, time, and interest then not only are we very jealous, but we’d encourage using WPD as a catalyst for a trip. Alternatively, there are plenty of penguin movies or nature programmes where you can watch them cavort from the comfort of your own home. 

International Dance Day, April 29

Whether you’re a human or a penguin, International Dance Day is as good a time as any to show off your moves. Grab your date and get ready to dance the night away. Don’t be afraid to try something new outside of the regular club—a salsa or ballroom dance class could be a fun bonding experience for you both. It’s not about being the best, but just letting go and having fun. However, if you’re worried about your two left feet literally tripping you up, you could always opt to watch a dance performance instead. A ballet or a contemporary piece might not be your go-to date night activity, but in honour of no less a holiday than International Dance Day, you should probably give it a try. 

World Veterinary Day, April 29

Hopefully you won’t need to visit an actual veterinarian on this day—we want your pets to be safe and sound! However, it’s the perfect opportunity for a dog walk. If neither of you own a dog, there are plenty of apps which allow you to borrow one for the afternoon. You could also visit your local shelter, to stroke some cute rescue animals. Maybe you’ll even go home with one (and your date too). 

International Jazz Day, April 30

Whilst jazz isn’t for everybody, there’s something undeniably sophisticated about a jazz club. It’s all about experiencing something outside of the ordinary, and most cities have a decent jazz bar or two. Find one that takes your fancy, and suggest it to your date. It’s International Jazz Day after all. If that feels like too much, you can always find some subtle jazz sounds to waft through your apartment for when your date comes over—the important thing, of course, is that you are both honouring this hallowed holiday in a way that befits such a seminal cultural event. 

Hopefully one of these April date ideas can serve as inspiration for your next Bumble date—how could such a list not? Don’t forget to also check out our Easter date ideas guide, filled with plenty of festive, spring time activities. As always, don’t feel pressured to try any of these date ideas. We’re simply trying to provide some timely, exhilarating milestones to help you take your date from app to IRL. It can be fun to step outside of your comfort zone and try something different. Let’s hope your date thinks so, too.