Arcade Date Night Ideas

Arcade Date Night Ideas

Whether it’s a first-time meet-up or you’re getting stuck into your fifth dating adventure together, it’s always good to have some delightful date night ideas tucked up your sleeve. While we love traditional cinema sessions and think romantic dinners are a forever fail-safe option, sometimes you just need something unique to set sparks flying! Let us introduce you to a new go-to date idea to add to your arsenal: the humble arcade date.

What is an arcade date?

Arcades are usually dynamic and interactive spaces that let your inner child run wild! Some feature retro neon lights. Others double up as bowling alleys. So, why not check out your local arcade ahead of time, so you can get a feel for the vibe before suggesting it as a possible date venue?

While decor differs from venue to venue, most arcades usually feature the same games. These are pinball and skeeball machines, multiplayer racing games, and even those nostalgic machines that allow you to become the dance mat champion.

The often loud and public setting also means that an arcade date is sure to ease awkward tension. So you shouldn’t worry about blank moments or what to say to your date because (hopefully) you’ll both be too busy trying to cinch victory!

So, are you and your Bumble date into casual gaming? Do you both have a little bit of a competitive side? Want to have fun while getting to know each other? If so, then an arcade date could be right up your street. 

What games should you play?

So, you and your main squeeze decide on a Saturday night date - but what games should you be playing? 

Some arcade game ideas we recommend trying out include competitive shooting games, racing arcade games and also classics like air hockey. By choosing to play co-op games with your date, you mix working together with going head-to-head.

Play the claw machine

Another game to try is the classic claw machine. Because really, who doesn’t love getting a cute fluffy teddy to remember an amazing date? You could up the stakes and make this a two-player game. You can do this by having your date manoeuvre the claw while you guide them. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

Showcase your best moves on the dance mat

Want to dance like nobody is watching? Then head straight to be dance mat. You and your date can go head-to-head in an easy mode setting to warm up. Then, put your skills to the test. Trust us - this arcade game is the most fun when played as a couple.

It’s also worth noting that most arcade games work via tokens. The arcade currency is also pretty cheap, making a night in the arcade a super affordable date idea. Once you’ve won (or lost) at the arcade game, you usually get tickets in return. 

You can swap tickets for small prizes on the night. However, if this date night becomes regular, you could save up your tickets and claim bigger prizes together!

So, will you use these arcade game ideas to have some serious fun in this indoor, adults-only playground?

More arcade date night ideas 

If that’s not enough, and you’re looking to up the stakes on your arcade date night, you could always include a bet wager.

For example, if you lose at skeeball - you will buy happy hour cocktails. But if they lose at Pacman - they might owe you gelato after the arcade date. 

Adding in a wager enhances the fun you can have on your arcade date night, and allows you to see how your date reacts when they win or lose. It’s also an easy way to get to know each other more!

However, if you’re bringing in wagers, always keep it fair and fun for the pair of you. If you have more arcade date night ideas, don’t be scared to put them on your Bumble date. There’s so much more you can do than just play games at the arcade. It’s time to get creative!

Arcade night date outfit ideas

So the time and place are set, and you even know where you’re meeting your date before you head over to the arcade. But what should you wear? 

For all arcade night date outfit ideas, we recommend leaving your heels at home. You don’t want to slip and lose on the dance mat, do you? Instead, we recommend wearing sneakers, flat boots or any sensible shoes. 

As arcade dates are also pretty informal and fun, you should wear anything that makes you feel good. If it’s cold outside, maybe you could wear a cute sweater and a midi skirt? Or if it’s quite mild, a crew neck T-shirt and denim jeans would be perfect. Whatever you choose, keep it casual!

However, when picking through your arcade night date outfit ideas, you will want to consider how much movement you’ll be doing while playing. Playing arcade games can work up a serious sweat, especially when playing vigorous games like skeeball or air hockey. So we recommend picking arcade date night outfits that are non-restrictive and airy. 

But whatever you decide to wear, remember that your arcade date outfits should make you feel comfortable and confident!

What can you do after?

Remember - the fun doesn’t have to stop when your tokens run out and when your tickets are gone! After spending time in the arcade having fun and getting to know each other, why not grab something to eat with your Bumble date? 

Some after-arcade date ideas include going for pizza or getting that gelato we previously mentioned. 

If you wanted to carry on the fun, you could also head to another gaming venue. You could test your bowling skills against your date or work together to break out of an escape room. Virtual game bars are also a fun way to see how strong you are as a duo.

Remember, having a good time is always the aim of the dating game.