Affordable & Cheap Date Night Ideas

Affordable & Cheap Date Night Ideas

Let’s get real, dating can get expensive extremely fast. With rounds of cocktails, spontaneous cinema dates, and late-night bowling tournaments, the cash you’re both funneling into dating can stack up swiftly. But trust us - you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy exploring a new spark.

So, to help you ease the financial burden, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite cheap date ideas. So the next time your new connection asks, “what shall we do?” you already have the answers.

Cute cheap date ideas

Pizza tour of the city

Soak up your city’s culture, one pizza slice at a time. Instead of splashing the cash on a fancy meal, why not hop around your local pizza joints, and share a slice? You can go wild with toppings and show your adventurous side by trying something tasty and new. You can also engage in the age-old debate - does pineapple really go on pizza? 

A pizza tour of the city can be one of the best cute cheap date night ideas because it’s so much fun! 

Arcade date night

Inject some nostalgia into your regular dates by heading to the arcade. This blast from the past is one of the perfect cheap date ideas because all you need to have a good time in some quarters and some luck. Whether you hit the jackpot together or get your new friend to win you a fluffy toy, an arcade date is one of the most low-key, cute cheap date ideas.

Hit up a local farmer's market

Farmer’s markets are packed with local vendors selling fresh food. So, if you’re an early bird couple, hitting these markets is a great way to while away a weekend morning. You can both snack on samples and maybe pick up some weird and wonderful ingredients to cook a delicious meal together later! 

Heading to a local farmer’s market is the ultimate cute cheap date idea. Because really - who doesn’t love fresh food?

Fun cheap date ideas

Hit the local bases

We know a premium baseball game or a professional football match may leave you out of pocket. However, heading to the stands of your local college team is a great way to watch live sports on a budget! This cheap and fun date idea means you and your new flame can chat about sports, chow down on hotdogs, and get familiar with each other’s competitive side. Rooting for your home team has never felt so fun!

Tourists in your hometown

If you’re from the same city, then odds are your favourite haunts will be different to your dates’. So why not take each other on a tour of the town then? Show them your local library and your favorite thrift stores. Then (hopefully), they can take you to their unique spots and preferred public gardens.

Not only is this date fun, but it is also a great way to get to know your connection a little better. Becoming a tourist in your town is one of the best cheap date ideas. Hey, you may get a new joint hangout spot out of it!

Go thrifting together

Bargain-hunters, this one's for you! Take your date thrifting and uncover some must-buy vintage clothing. You know what they say - one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, right?

Why not make this date even more fun? You could set each other a strict budget and pick out an outfit for one another. You’re sure to discover whether your new partner could grace the cover of a fashion magazine in the future or whether they need a makeover ASAP!

Cheap first-date ideas

Pub quiz or Trivia night

Test your general knowledge together or go head-to-head at a local pub quiz. These trivia nights are usually free to play but always have big prizes that only the best couples can win. Think happy hour bar tabs and future romantic date ideas

A pub quiz can be one of the best cheap date night ideas. Not only can you get to know your potential partner more, but they can also get acquainted with your passion projects! Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Visit an animal shelter

Let your heart of gold shine through by volunteering at an animal shelter. On this alternative adventure, you and your date get to spend time with cute fluffy animals and also give something back to the community. 

Visiting an animal shelter can be one of the best cheap first-date ideas. You get to walk, talk and connect with your S.O while surrounded by dogs, cats and small furry critters. It doesn’t get more wholesome than this. We’re obsessed just thinking about it!

Get a psychic reading

Forget about traditional dates and try something different. If you’re looking for cheap first date ideas that are a little out of the box, then getting a psychic reading together could be a lot of fun!

We recommend tarot cards and palm readings. Or, you could go one step further and go crystal ball gazing together. Getting a psychic reading can be an interesting cheap date night activity. Who knows what your future holds?

Cheap romantic date ideas

Movie marathon

Did you know you don’t have to leave the house to have a good time? If you’re looking for cheap romantic date ideas, then look no further than the humble movie marathon. You must grab some dollar snacks from the grocery store, build yourself a cute movie den and select your favorite movies. 

Or, why not go one step further and theme your marathon? We love the idea of a rom-com night or a superhero movie evening! 

Browse a bookstore

Is there anything more romantic than a lover of literature? Show them you know your favorites by browsing your favourite bookstores together. To take cheap romantic date ideas further, why not peruse the shelves and pick out titles you think that the other would enjoy? It’s a surefire way to get you talking and test how well you know each other so far!