Complete Guide: The Best Date Night Movies

Complete Guide: The Best Date Night Movies

Date Night Movies

Life's busy and sometimes there's nothing better than kicking back and enjoying some well deserved downtime on the couch or at the movies. 

Date nights cuddling up watching movies are the perfect way to spend time with your Bumble connection and get to know each other in a more low-key and relaxed setting. This is why date night movies have been a popular choice for as long as films have existed. From young couples canoodling in their cars at the drive-in in the 50s to kissing in the back row of the cinema, there’s something about films that are synonymous with a great date.

Maybe watching a movie helps take some of the pressure off, because it gives you a chance to just be with each other without needing to find something clever or funny to say. But there’s still big decisions to be made. What snacks do you share? What do you do if you get popcorn stuck in your teeth? Most of all, what date night movie should you watch?

We can’t help you with the popcorn, but we can help you with our opinions on the best date night movies.

Date Night Movies On Movie Streaming Platforms

Of course, going to the cinema is the classic movie date night, but what if you just want a cosy night in, or another cheap date idea? If you’d rather watch movies and chill (whatever you take that to mean, no judgement here), there’s plenty of great date night movies on movie streaming platforms.

Our main tip here is to plan ahead. You know what it’s like when you get scrolling trying to find something to watch. Nothing takes the romance out of a night on the sofa like endless, aimless scrolling. Pick out four or five options with a good mix and then you can spend more time getting cosy and less time debating.

Date Night Movie Ideas

One worry you might have about a movie date night at home is that it might seem a bit old school. Home movie nights don’t have to be dull! There’s no rule that a date night with a movie just means sitting on the sofa watching the TV.

If the weather is good enough, why not take it al fresco? A projector, a bed sheet, some fairy lights, and cosy blankets can turn date night into a real romantic adventure. If the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful, decorate indoors to set the scene for the perfect movie night in!

You could even be super-creative and theme your decorations - and your food - for the movie you’re watching! Or you could invite your date to come dressed in a special movie date night outfit to match the film you’re planning to watch. Put your own spin on it!

Scary Movies to Watch On Date Night

You might not think that horror movies and romance go together, but watching scary movies together can be a great way to get you and your Bumble connection closer - literally when a jump scare has you clutching at each other in terror! That’s one way to get past any nerves.

But what kind of horror film works for a date night movie? You have to be careful and sensitive to what kind of movie your date will be into. Remember, not everyone finds watching super scary movies fun.

So unless you happen to know that your date loves a bit of gore, it’s safer to stick to a movie that won’t leave them wondering what kind of person they’re sitting next to. Why not opt for a light hearted spooky movie or thriller?

Focus more on jump scares and you can both have a great scary night together! You could even choose to theme your date night with some spooky treats!

Funny Date Night Movies

Being able to laugh together is an essential part of any healthy relationship, so funny date night movies are always popular choices. Laughing helps you both relax and enjoy each other’s company as well as the movie. Why not pick your top three funny movies and make a conscious effort to watch each of them once over the season. 

Romantic Movie Date Night At Home

Of course, you might not have arranged this date night to be scared out of your wits or laugh so hard that you start crying. If you’re wanting to spend a truly romantic evening together, the best way to achieve that is to find a movie that sets the mood perfectly.

There’s lots of choices of romantic date night night movies of course - from hopeless romantic tearjerkers to classy black and white movies, and everything in-between so suit both your preferences. Romance comes in all forms of course, and there’s plenty of classics on all forms of love if you’re looking for something other than the ‘boy meets girl’ narrative for your date night movie.

If you’re opting for black and white, maybe drop a few hints beforehand to see how much your date is into old movies!

So get the blankets ready, set the popcorn popping and get ready for the best date night of your lives! All you need to do now is press play.