Couple’s Yoga Date Ideas

Couple’s Yoga Date Ideas

Sure, you could go to a movie, or out for dinner. You could meet for drinks or Sunday brunch but what would any of those date ideas really say about your personality and individuality? Couples yoga is a date idea like no other. Not only is it a chance to share a passion with a new partner, but it can help you bond and develop a unique kind of intimacy. 

Read on for our tips on how to plan yoga for couples, when to choose outdoor yoga over a studio, what to wear on a yoga date and how to help keep the good vibes flowing after the class. 

We’ll also be looking deeper at the philosophy of yoga and why connecting with yourself through yoga poses or ‘asanas’ can help you love yourself and find your inner power. 

So grab a yoga mat, slip into something more comfortable, and let’s get started. 

Is couple’s yoga really a good idea?

We understand your hesitation— it can be daunting suggesting a date that is in any way outside the norm. But trust us, a yoga date can be a cute and quirky idea at any stage of a relationship. 

The combination of physical activity, mindfulness, and shared experience makes yoga a great way to bond with another person. It can help to deepen a connection and create a stronger sense of intimacy between you.

Yoga, particularly if you’re setting up the date yourself rather than booking into a class, requires you to trust and communicate with each other, which can strengthen your relationship. Couples yoga can also be a great way to get some exercise and relieve stress. 

Outdoor yoga or a studio? What’s best for a yoga date?

There are lots of wonderful benefits to practicing yoga outside, particularly if you just take your mats to a beautiful spot somewhere (a beach, a park, a hilltop , near a river, or deep in a forest are all great spots for couples yoga) and either work through a routine you’ve prepared in advance or choose an online tutorial. You’ll feel connected to nature, soak up some all important Vitamin D, and perhaps most appealingly for a date, you might feel less pressure than you would in a class at a studio.

There are also a lot of pros to going to a studio class, with a teacher you know and trust, on a yoga date. You’ll likely feel more encouraged to get to the end of the class rather than potentially give up halfway through. You’ll have guidance for doing all the yoga postures correctly and you’ll be able to see how your date interacts with other people. Just try not to get the giggles!

We think the best way to have a positive and enriching date that involves yoga is to join an outdoor class. Over spring and summer you should be able to find some local options. Then you get the benefits of both a studio class and outdoor yoga in one!

What to wear on a couple’s yoga date

You’ll likely want to wear something you’re happy to spend the rest of the day in, so you don’t have to change clothes or carry a gym kit with you. Unless you’ve opted for hot yoga and you leave the class absolutely drenched in sweat—in which case a quick shower and change is probably sensible!

Luckily, most yoga and sportswear brands these days are as stylish as they are practical. Choose something loose fitting and ideally made from cotton so you won’t feel restricted by any of the stretches. And keep in mind, you’ll likely be hanging upside down during a yoga date, so think about what you’re wearing underneath your t-shirt as it may well be on show at some point!

Oh, and if you’re the one who suggested the yoga date, and you are situating the session outside with just  the two of you, then the etiquette we recommend is that you bring the mats, blocks, and anything else you might need. Just remind your date to bring a bottle of water, some comfy clothes and themselves. 

What are some easy and enjoyable yoga poses to practice with a date?

Before we get into a little routine or ‘flow’ to use the proper yoga term, it’s so important to warm up. This will help you get into positions, but it’ll also mean you get comfortable with each other’s bodies in advance. You might want to check in with your date and make sure they are happy to practice some positions that involve touching each other. Perhaps air some of your own anxieties to create a safe space for them to share any body issues or no-go areas themselves. 

If you’re in charge of the ambiance, set the mood to ‘relaxing’. If you’re at home, dim the lights, light candles, or play soft music. If you’ve opted for outdoor couples yoga, bring a speaker to play a chill-out soundtrack.

Here are some great couples yoga poses to try:

  • Partner Tree Pose: Stand facing your partner and place the sole of your right foot on the inside of your left thigh. Reach your arms up and interlace your fingers with your partner's. Hold for 5-10 breaths and then switch sides.
  • Partner Boat Pose: Sit facing each other with your knees bent and the soles of your feet touching. Hold each other's hands and lean back, lifting your feet off the ground. Hold for 5-10 breaths.
  • Seated forward fold with partner: Sit facing your partner with your legs extended in front of you, and reach for each other's hands. Exhale and fold forward, keeping your hands connected with your partner's. This pose can help stretch the hamstrings and lower back while also deepening your connection with each other.
  • Partner twist: Sit back-to-back with your partner, and bend your knees. Inhale and reach your arms overhead, and as you exhale, twist to the right, placing your left hand on your partner's right knee and your right hand on your left thigh. Hold the twist for several breaths, and then repeat on the other side. In the practice of yoga, this pose is said to help release tension in the spine and promote detoxification.

You’re calm, stretched and you’ve got to know your date a bit more intimately…Now what?

You don’t need to just go from ‘corpse pose’–the final posture in most yoga flows–to saying your goodbyes! You’ve likely created the perfect mood to carry on connecting with your date off the mat. Have a picnic, go for a healthy meal, or take a walk while you’re feeling all relaxed and happy. Here are a bunch of other cute date ideas you could consider after a couple's yoga session, including some active date ideas if you’re feeling limber and ready to push yourself even more! 

A yoga date can help you to both feel more present and mindful, by focusing on your breath and the movements of your bodies. You’ll have released some endorphins and reduced stress, which can improve your overall mood and make you feel more relaxed around each other. So what are you waiting for? Make couples yoga your next great date.