Finding The Key: Couple’s Escape Room Dates

Finding The Key: Couple’s Escape Room Dates

Looking for a date night with a difference? How about gearing up for adventure and puzzle solving with an escape room date? Perfect for spending time together, escape rooms make for a really fun experience date.

But with so many different types of escape rooms to choose from, how do you know which will make for the best date? Our escape room date guide will walk you through what to expect, what’s on offer, and more. Put on your thinking cap and let’s get to it!

Is an escape room a good first date?

Absolutely! Sure, it might not be the most traditional idea for a first date, but it’ll sure make for a memorable one. Getting thrown in head first into a teamwork task will break the ice incredibly quickly, leaving little time for nerves. It’ll give you plenty to talk about, as well as a great conversation starter for any future dates you may share. Plus, there’s always the opportunity to debrief over a drink afterwards.

We just recommend beforehand that it’s something that both of you are interested in. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially those looking for something a little more intimate and low-key. However, if you’re both up for some unique fun and a chance to share a giggle, then this may be the first date for you.

What to expect on your date

So what will happen on your first escape room date? Each escape room has a slightly different set up, but there are a few common features you’ll find. You’ll likely be met by a host and escorted to your escape room. They’ll talk you through the story of the room, and what the goal is. This will probably be to find the means of ‘leaving’ the room - either a key, a code, or something similar. You’ll also be given a time limit, anything from 30 minutes to an hour. The host will talk through the safety rules, what to do if you need to leave, and then you’re off!

The types of puzzles you can expect in an escape room:

Scavenger Hunt

This is where you’ll be looking for a particular object hidden in the room. You might need to do some other tasks first before you are able to access it. For instance, the object could be locked in a box that you need to solve the opening code for.

Code Solving

This could be a number or word code. Think anagram, math problem, or even putting objects in a certain order.

Riddle Solving

This may be anything from a rhyme, to something that requires out-of-the-box thinking.

Physical Tasks 

This involves the props in the room. You may need to connect wires together, move an object to a certain spot, or perform some form of physical movement.

Remember to watch out for red herrings! These are designed to throw you off your path and distract you. Not all escape rooms feature red herrings, so you could always ask your host to confirm beforehand if you want.

When approaching solving an escape room, one of the best strategies is to keep things simple. Unless you’ve opted for something particularly difficult, they shouldn’t be too complicated. Often, the answer is the most obvious thing! You can always ask your host for hints and clues.

If either you or your date are a little worried about being claustrophobic, don’t worry. Explain to your host beforehand your concerns, and they’ll talk you through what to do if you need to leave. It’s also worth choosing a theme that is relatively relaxed and not too high-occitane. 

Best escape rooms for couples

When looking for escape room options to take your date on, there’s a whole host of rooms to go through. From local, homespun experiences to nationwide, high-budget options, it all depends on what takes both of your fancy. There may be one that has a theme you both enjoy, or one that specializes in particular puzzles. We recommend that you look out for rooms that need no more than two players.

You’ll find some rooms have a linear approach. This is where you do one task at a time, which leads onto the next task, and so on. For something a little more complicated, how about a nonlinear room. There’s no set order to completing the puzzles here, and things can get a little more mind boggling!

Looking for some inspiration to get you going? Here’s some ideas to get you started:

All about pop culture 

These are escape rooms themed around popular movies, TV shows or fictional settings. This could be a big hit for pop culture fans - you could even use your insider knowledge to help solve the room!

‘Tis the season

Seasonal escape rooms pop up at different times of the year. Think North Pole toy workshop around Christmas, or a spooky haunted house at Halloween. These are great for getting into the seasonal spirit, and can be a lot of fun.

For the pros

Already an escape room master? Show off your skills to your date with an escape room turned up to hard mode. Sure these are harder to solve, but could you imagine how great it would be to solve one of these together? A perfect excuse for victory drinks afterwards.

Working together

Escape rooms offer a unique date setting, whether you’re meeting up for the first time or looking for an exciting date night. These types of experience dates are great for sharing with someone - you can enjoy working together, and celebrate solving the puzzles. So go on and have fun - we wish you luck!