Romantic Fall Walks

Romantic Fall Walks

You might associate walks or hikes with spring or summer, but trust us when we say that fall walks can be just as, if not more, enjoyable. If the promise of crunching leaves underfoot, crisp air, and cool temperatures aren’t enough to convince you, then allow us to guide you through our top tips to achieve the ultimate romantic walking date this fall

Places to go for a walk

Naturally, the location you choose for your fall walk date is one of the key components. This depends on where in the world you live, of course, but the core principles remain the same:

  • Don’t go somewhere too remote. This is important for both your and your Bumble date’s safety. Should either of you trip or fall and hurt yourself, you need to be able to make it back to civilization quickly. You also both need to feel comfortable, especially if you’re in the early stages of your relationship.
  • Familiarize yourself ahead of time. Checking the walking route in advance is a must. Despite our modern-day, sophisticated technology, nature has its own rules, and what you read or see online may not be an accurate representation of what’s there when you arrive. If you can, head out and do a recon before arranging the date. Ensure paths are clear, safe, and accessible. You can also scope out places to stop for a post-walk bite to eat or beverage if things go well. Alternatively, pick a route that you know well and walk yourself regularly. Remember, a fall walking date is about you and your Bumble date getting to know one another, not impressing them (although they will be impressed if you know your way around). 
  • Prioritize nature. Places where you can see beautiful leaves, open ocean, or roaming wildlife will make your fall walk all the more idyllic. It also gives you both a focal point and something to talk about if the conversation is lagging. You can also snap some all important photographic memories that you can look back on in years to come.

What to bring on a fall walking date?

So you’ve planned your route, now it’s time to think about what to pack. Here’s what we suggest:

  • Layers. While the weather in fall can be wonderfully fresh and crisp, it begins to get cold much earlier in the day. Dress appropriately for your fall walking date—think activewear (such as leggings, fleeces, etc.) and practical footwear, and be sure to pack an additional layer, such as a raincoat or windbreaker, should the weather change. It’s also a good idea to bring a hat, gloves, and scarf, along with an extra pair of socks in case you step into a big puddle. 
  • Snacks and hydration. Fill up a reusable bottle with water, and make sure to pack plenty of snacks to keep you and your date fuelled throughout the day. Packaged foods like trail mix, candy, and nuts are all great because you can toss them in your backpack and easily munch while you’re walking and talking. Always pack more than you think you’ll need, especially if you aren’t sure how long you’ll be gone.
  • A portable charger. Nothing will kill the vibe of your fall walk date more than if you both get lost and have dead phone batteries. It’s also important for safety. Charge up a portable power bank and bring it along for the ride. Hopefully you won’t have to use it, but it’s good to have it on hand just in case. 
  • Sunscreen. The sun can still shine pretty bright in fall, and it’s important to protect your skin all year round. Top up on SPF throughout the day, and bring sunglasses so you can see falling leaves, flying birds, and your Bumble date clearly. 
  • A map. Call us old school, but sometimes a paper map just adds to the authenticity of a fall walk. If you’re heading to a national park, they tend to give these out for free upon entry, and they can be saved as a nice memento from your date. 

What do you do on a fall walking date? 

Yes, obviously you and your date will be walking, but that’s just the beginning. Here are some ideas to expand upon your fall walking date:

  • Talk to one another. As we’ve said above, the purpose of a fall walking date is really to spend quality time with another person you like. Yes you’re surrounded by beautiful nature, but remember you could hike and see the wonders of the world any old time. Make sure you’re present and listen as much, if not more than, you talk—folks tend to open up in the great outdoors. Something about the open air…
  • Play games. If the conversation is struggling, you can always play games like Two Truths and a Lie, Twenty Questions, or I Spy to get the ball rolling. If you’re shy, why not come prepared with a list of things to spot on your fall walk? That way you and your date can work together to tick things off the list, spot cool things in nature, and keep the conversation flowing between you. 
  • Leaf peeping. Want to take in the fall colors in all their glory? Prime leaf peeping season runs from mid-September through November, providing the perfect autumnal backdrop for a fall walking date. Do some research on where to find the most dramatic and colorful setting in your area. Bring your camera and capture the beauty—and maybe a few selfies. You can also take home a particularly gorgeous leaf as a souvenir.
  • Have a picnic. If your walk is short, why not pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in a particularly scenic area? You could even map out your walk based on the ideal picnic spot. Pack something simple, like sandwiches and apples or local cheeses and crackers. Or just bring a sweet treat: a thermos of hot chocolate and some homemade cookies will be the perfect pick-me-up after getting in your steps. Either option will break up the walking time, allow you both to soak in your surroundings, and give you a chance to relax and chat.

We hope our guide to fall walking dates has inspired you to arrange one of your own. Fall is the best time to get out there and appreciate nature, and what better way to take it all in than with your Bumble date. Always remember to come prepared and put safety first—we don’t recommend gallivanting off into the wilderness with someone you hardly know. Always make sure to tell a friend or family member where you are and keep your phone on hand, and then relax and enjoy what we’re sure will be a magical fall walking date.