November Date Ideas

November Date Ideas

Although the weather can be unpredictable and you risk getting caught in the rain (romantic, much?), November might be the best month for dating. There, we’ve said it. It is, after all, the season of clear, chilly mornings, red and gold leaves, your favorite soups warming on the stove, and putting your plans for the festive season into action. No wonder it’s super-romantic and great for cute November date ideas! 

We’ve pulled together this helpful list so you can embrace every part of the shorter November days and make your dates the best of the year. 

Cute date ideas for November mornings

Dating in the morning isn’t usually considered that romantic. But the truth is, for morning people who feel at their brightest before noon, it can be a great distraction-free time to make a date happen. In fact, some of our favorite November date ideas are perfect for an AM meet-up. If you or your Bumble date are morning people, try one of these top date ideas for November. 

Farmer’s market

It’s a great season for local produce. Reduce your carbon footprint, support smaller growers, and take your date hyper-local to a nearby farmer’s market! You’ll likely find delicious, seasonal crops like sweet potatoes, beets, yellow squash, and gourds aplenty.

After a morning of choosing your favorite veg and poking around in other cool produce—likely to include crafts, artisan cupboard staples, and humanely raised meat—why not turn it into a lunch date? Make your veggies into a delicious soup, hearty stew, or warm pie, and enjoy it together. Don’t forget to grab a loaf of fresh sourdough for dipping! 


So this is your pick of the morning November date ideas if one of you rises early with no alarm, but the other is a snooze freak. Whether you’re a cappu-frappe-lover or an efficient sans-milk, sans-sugar sipper, a chat over a gorgeous cup of coffee is a great way to relax and get to know your Bumble date.  

And if the weather is on your side, get those drinks to-go or bring a flask from home. You can take it for a walk in your most nature-y local space and chat as you stroll. We’re all cooped up indoors more than usual in November as lower temperatures and winter rain clouds hit, so make the most of those chilly-but-clear mornings when you can.

Fun date ideas for November afternoons

Afternoon dates can be a little more relaxed than whole evening ones, and you can take advantage of these great date activities. So check out our best ideas for November dates in the afternoon…  

Sports, sports, sports

It’s peak college football season! Even if you’re not a sports lover, the atmosphere at small-time college games is hard to beat for a cute November date idea. With cheap tickets, top snacking options, and everyone in the mood for a good time, you can ride the atmosphere and guarantee a fun afternoon. No worries if you don’t know your stoppages from your end zones—it’s an excellent opportunity for your Bumble date to clue you in or for you to take turns searching the rules on your phones. 

No college games near you? Check out your nearest sports bar and cheer for whoever’s on the big screen. Gameday snacks like nachos and hotdogs still are a must. Ketchup or mustard? Let the debate begin…

Dig for your new favorite winter sweaters

Did you know that thrift stores are, like, the world’s best place to find winter-themed sweaters? And November is the perfect time to get prepped for the festive season and get a fun date idea out of it. First, make a hit list of all your favorite local thrift shops plus some new ones you’ve been dying to try, and take your Bumble date for an afternoon rummaging in the racks. Look out for cute Christmas motifs, holiday patterns, and anything that’s just the right amount of ugly. Double, triple points if you can find something to match your date. Holiday card photo incoming! 

Bonus: Make this a moment for environmentally-conscious dating. Thrift stores have all kinds of great stuff looking for a second chance, so you could find something cool and sustainable to wear or use. Then you can say, ‘Oh this? Yeah, it’s vintage.’ Très chic.

Festive baking

If you want to get ahead and make the absolute most of every minute of the festive season, November is the time to kick off your baking. This is up there with our favorite cute November date ideas, plus it’s low-pressure—if you mess up, you’ve got plenty of time to perfect your technique together before the holidays arrive! 

Festive fruitcakes should be baked in November to give the flavor time to mature. You’ll find a recipe in most holiday cookbooks, so get ready to take turns with the wooden spoon. And why stop there? Spend an afternoon baking classic gingerbread cookies, or try a gingerbread house if you’re up for a challenge. Seeing how you cooperate with tricky kitchen tasks is a great way to test your chemistry! Make the most of this November date idea, food lovers (and really, isn’t that literally everyone?).

The best November date nights

For these November date night ideas, you can count on starry nights, hot drinks, and fully romantic vibes all the way. Hit up your Bumble date with these plans and prepare for something beautiful.

Movie nights

Cozying up with a movie, a blanket, and a hot chocolate with a pile of whipped cream is the ultimate, classic date night idea for November. Make it spicy with a random movie generator—you’ll find loads with a quick online search. You can add non-negotiables like nothing before 1960 (or nothing after 1960 if you’re ready to geek out in black and white), and either decide on a genre or leave it up to fate.

You could end up with something you’d never pick from your streaming list, and it might be a five-star choice. Or if it’s totally terrible, at least you can laugh with your date while you point out seriously budget special effects or giant plot holes.

Get birth chart readings

Whether you’ve already got a personal astrologer or are skeptical about starry predictions, getting a birth chart reading could be one of your best November date ideas. The spooky season atmosphere and chilly nights lend exactly the right ambiance. 

Total astrology novices could try this as a first date in Fall, with separate readings of the planetary placements at your time of birth and how they might affect your worldview. Or if you’re interested in how you complement each other as a couple, you could opt for a tandem reading. Your astrologer will overlay your birth charts and analyze your vibes based on transits and oppositions. 

Astrologers can make predictions, talk about personality traits, or help you understand dating patterns and connections. Open your mind to fully enjoy this date idea—maybe grab a drink together first to chat over any specific questions or thoughts you’ve got. Even if this isn’t really your “thing”, we promise you’ll be entertained. And what a great first date story! 

Throwing pottery

Throwing pottery is one of our favorite indoor activities for the later November weather, and you could even take the chance to make some “unique” holiday gifts. And, hear us out, there’s something seriously romantic about the whole pottery-making experience. Getting literally stuck in, working with your hands, using weird-shaped tools to make edges and patterns… it’s all super artsy and just a little bit sensual. 

Learning a new skill together will also give you a deeper insight into your date’s qualities, as you can see how they cope with grasping new things and likely not being good at them right away. As long as you’re both ready to let your creativity shine and laugh at all your mistakes (and there will be lots), you can make this a fun date night idea for November. 

We hope our best November date ideas have given you enough inspiration to fill the month with incredible dates, morning and night. All the November date ideas here can work for a first date or for something fresh in your LTR. And if you’re looking for someone to be your throwing teammate or baking partner, sign up to Bumble now to find them!