15 Free Date Ideas

15 Free Date Ideas

Hip restaurants, swanky cocktail bars, and cute outfits… There’s no denying that dating can be an expensive pastime. But it doesn’t have to be! At Bumble, we believe everyone should have a happy and healthy dating life, regardless of their bank balance. 

The warmer weather brings with it plenty of opportunities to get outside for awesome dates that involve splashing zero cash. Our list of fun, free date ideas is sure to put a spring in your step.

Take a hike in a local park 

Kick things off with a hike around a local park. We always recommend meeting someone for the first time in a public place. Strolling around, people-watching, and visiting food trucks is a great entry-level date idea. Got a pooch to bring with you? Even better. 

Cook up a storm at home

We know, we know—you technically have to buy the ingredients, but you’d be eating anyway, right? So we’re still counting this as a free date idea. No need to overcomplicate things (unless you’re a self-confessed foodie who wants to show off) a simple plate of pasta or homemade pizza are often crowd-pleasers. Extra kudos for hitting the local food market together to pick up your favorite ingredients. Want more inspiration like this? Don’t miss our list of the best at-home date ideas here.

Show you care by volunteering 

Whether you love animals, the environment, or helping people, plenty of charitable organizations need a pair of extra hands (or two). Find out what your date cares about and get stuck in for an afternoon. We recommend picking an outdoor activity for a free spring date idea with a difference. It’s sure to be a deep bonding experience.

Hit the beach 

For those lucky enough to live beside the sea, what better free date idea than hitting the beach as soon as the sun starts shining? There’ll be fewer people than in the hotter summer months, so you likely won’t be fighting for space on the sand. Sunscreen, bat ‘n’ ball, floaties, and an ice cooler are probably all you need. Apologies to our inner-city Bumble bees—you’ll have to wait until the weekend or vacay time. But a road trip does also make for a pretty good date…

Romance them with sunset and stargazing 

A great romantic date idea, watch the sunset from your favorite vantage point—be it a rooftop, hill, beach, or perhaps even your own backyard. Then settle down under some blankets for a spot of stargazing. There are some awesome free apps out there that can help you spot famous constellations (let’s aim for more than The Big Dipper, folks) if you’re a total novice.

Get a culture shot at a museum 

If the weather’s not playing ball and April showers have rained on your plans, there are usually plenty of free museums and exhibitions to be found. Potentially a welcome change from your go-to bar option, you’ll come away with a new favorite artist or having brushed up on a niche area of local history.  

Pack up a picnic 

Ransack your kitchen cupboards and fridge for sandwich ingredients, load ‘em up, grab some drinks and extra snacks, then head to a sunny spot for your first alfresco lunch of the year. An oldie but a goodie, this is one of our favorite free date ideas for Spring. You can find more outdoor dating ideas here.

Explore a new neighborhood

We know how easy it can be to stick to your own neighborhood when it comes to hanging out with regular pals, so take the opportunity to explore a new locale with your Bumble connection. Either pick somewhere totally new for both of you, or give each other a tour around your own stomping ground. Make your coffee at home and bring it along in reusable mugs—good for the wallet and the environment. 

Dance the night away at a free outdoor gig

Whether you’re into the same music or have never heard of your date’s favorite band, check out what free live-music events are kicking off in your hometown and head down for a shimmy under the sun or stars. You can tell a lot about a person from their dance moves…

Go on a bike ride

If you don’t own bikes, beg, borrow, or steal them from your friends and explore your town on two wheels. Channel your inner Parisian as you glide about the city; rivers make an easy route to follow, often with plenty of landmarks to spot along the way. Pack your own sandwiches to keep it a wallet-friendly date. Love to get active? Check these active date ideas.

Movie night at home

Ah, the classic, a good old movie night. There’s a reason this one has been around for so long. TV, drinks, and snacks all from the comfort of your own couch—what’s not to like? If the spring weather is warm enough and you have access to an apartment rooftop, balcony, or deck, why not take things outside to make it extra special? 

Try your hand at fruit picking

Many farmers and growers will let you pick their produce (and take a proportion home) in return for picking surplus for them to sell. A free date activity that you may not have thought of before, you can make the fruits of your labor into smoothies and ice creams to enjoy together afterward. Very wholesome.

Learn how to give great massages

Definitely one for when you know each other well enough, why not learn to give amazing massages so you never have to pay for them again? There are plenty of online tutorials—just don’t forget the oil. Keen to up the anté? We’ve got plenty more romantic ideas here.

Get crafty at home

Lockdown got us all feeling crafty as we entertained ourselves at home 24/7, and we miss the innocence of candle-making, painting, and pottery while sitting around the kitchen table. So dig out those neglected kits, don your apron, and prepare to get messy.

Paint or draw each other 

Taking craft night up a notch, painting your partner is an intimate yet fun experience that makes for a very romantic free date. Staring at your love interest is supposed to deepen your bond, increase trust, and help you understand each other. And no, we’re not suggesting you go the full hog and embark on life drawing straight away—although who knows in the future. 

We hope we’ve reassured you that dating can simultaneously be fun and financially stress-free. Remember, we always want you to be safe and comfortable, so recommend leaving the indoor dates in this list until further down the line. 

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