Spa Date Night Ideas

Spa Date Night Ideas

What could be more relaxing than spending a few lazy days lounging around at a luxurious spa? Even better if you bring your date along. From couple’s massages to facials, mud baths to saunas, holistic treatments to delicious food, the whole experience is romantic and indulgent. Plus, you get to spend the whole time in a bathrobe—talk about comfort.

Spa date night at home ideas

Heading to a high-end spa is a great idea for a weekend away, but they tend to be expensive. Thankfully you don’t need to leave the house to get the spa effect. In fact, if you and your person are comfortable, you can treat each other to a few hours of much-needed pampering, with our spa date at home ideas. Choose one or combine a few, to create an even more authentic experience.

Set the scene

Whether you’ve got a whole day of treatments booked or not, just being in a spa environment can often be enough to help you feel immediately calm. So recreating this atmosphere for your own spa date night is a must. Soften the lighting, light a scented candle or two, clear away the clutter, and pick out a playlist of relaxing spa-inspired music.

Get kitted out

If you want to make spa night a regular occurrence, it might be worth putting together the ultimate at-home spa kit, so you have everything you need to hand. From oils to incense, bubble bath to body scrub—with a box or cupboard full of spa essentials, you’ll be able to get straight to the pampering part of the evening.

Get (un)dressed

Nobody wears a shirt and jeans in a spa, so to really get into the spirit of things, slip into something more comfortable. From sweats to leggings, hoodies to tees, any loungewear will do. Or recreate the whole 5-star hotel experience in a fluffy robe and slippers, instead. Sadly you’ll have to provide your own room service.

Spa snacks

Talking of which… At a luxury spa it’s likely you’ll be given cucumber water, herbal teas, and a selection of healthy-looking meals to enjoy, in between your wellness treatments. So if your goal is to duplicate the spa experience as closely as possible, you know what to do. However, there’s nothing to say you can’t go your own way. So why not do something different? Who says you can’t have pizza after a facial? Or some ice-cream after a massage? This is a date night after all.

Get hands on

Massages are a spa specialty. Not only are they the perfect way to ease tired muscles, they’re also pretty romantic when it’s someone you like giving you a rub-down. You could stick to a foot or shoulder massage, but if you’re comfortable, why not take turns giving each other a full-body massage? Whatever you decide, pick out some oils and get to work. Some scents are relaxing, others are invigorating, so choose the one to match your mood.

Take a steam

If the steam room is one of your favorite parts of a spa stay, getting the same effect from the comfort of home is easier than you might think. First, fill a bowl with hot water, adding in a few drops of essential oils. Next, grab a towel, place it over your head, and take turns leaning over the bowl for a couple of minutes at a time, allowing the steam to gently decongest your skin, as you breathe in the fragrance.

Facials for all

Fancy a facial? Why not consider booking a professional facialist via a beauty app, to come over and work their magic? Or, you can just do it yourselves. If you opt for the DIY approach, start with a cleanse and a little gentle exfoliation, followed by a steam and a mask. Massage in a serum and finish the process off with a nourishing moisturizer. Either way, you’ll both end up with glowing skin, ready for your next outdoor date night.

Get muddy

If you’ve ever had a mud mask body treatment, you’ll know they’re a lot of fun. And you don’t need to travel to the shores of the Dead Sea to experience the benefits— although it’s probably best to keep this at-home spa idea confined to the bathroom. Buy a detoxifying mud mask, put on a swimsuit, and get ready to get messy. Apply it to yourself, or to each other, before taking it easy while it sinks into your skin.

Take a scented shower

An easy way to create a relaxing atmosphere on your spa date is to use aromatherapy wherever possible. A scented shower is a great place to start. Scatter a few drops of your favorite oil on the wall of your shower and the warmth of the water will work to release its scent. Some are said to be great for de-stressing, while others can help to boost your energy, for whatever the rest of the night holds.

Bath time for two

If showers aren’t your thing, create a cozy bath for two instead. Scented candles, a chill-out playlist, bubbles, and a soak in warm water make the ideal antidote to the strains of a busy life. Once it’s ready, choose an end and settle in. And if you want to up the romance, grab a glass of bubbles to take in with you. It’ll feel like the ultimate indulgence, trust us.

Make a mask

The sight of each other in a face mask is sure to make you laugh, and won’t help but bring you closer together. There are lots of mask options out there, from cream to clay, and, of course, terrifying-looking sheet masks, but you can also make one at home. Raid your kitchen for ingredients like honey, turmeric, avocado, oats, yogurt, and sea salt flakes, and combine to create a natural, and potentially delicious, mask.

Get mindful

A spa date night doesn’t have to be all about facials, massages, and beauty treatments. There are plenty of spa-inspired wellness activities you can do together, too. Like practicing mindfulness with a meditation session, for example. If you’re new to this ancient practice, find a guided meditation you can listen to, and be led by. There are a lot of free ones available online, and they can help to provide a focus, stopping your thoughts from getting in the way of your meditative state. Get comfortable, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and go.

Find your flow

If a physical meditation is more your thing, consider making a weekly date to do some yoga together, instead. You won’t need a lot of equipment and you don’t need to be pros. Just get a mat each, put on some tunes, find a class online, and follow a flow of your choice. It’ll strengthen your core, while you strengthen your bond!

A spa date night is a great way to connect in a relaxed atmosphere, and recreating a spa experience at home is easy with our list of ideas for mind and body. Sign up to Bumble now and you could find someone to make face masks with.