Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 

Valentine’s Day is a day that comes with added pressure. If you’re single, you need to get a date. If you’ve just started dating, you need to do something special to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day together. If you’ve been married for a while, you need to remember that it exists and to buy a present.

It’s also a day that has a whole world of opportunities to spend your money built up around it. Things like flowers, meals, drinks and cards all suddenly become more expensive and booking ahead becomes paramount. So where’s the romance in all of this?

Well, that’s up to you to create it, but don’t worry, here are our Valentine’s Day date ideas!

Valentine's Day date Ideas near me

One of the first things you might be tempted to do is to internet search ‘valentine’s day date ideas near me’. It might even be how you got here! But the problem is that lots of other people are searching for the same thing, so any local information you find with great ideas for restaurants to visit, is going to be seen by lots of other people. So everything they suggest is going to be BUSY.

So be wary of the tips you’ll get from local experts because they might be awesome places, but if they’re full of a million other loved-up couples, it’s not going to feel so intimate.

Cool date Ideas for Valentine's Day

What you need is some cool date ideas for Valentine’s Day that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of clichéd dates. Here’s some ideas:

Do something ‘normal’:

It’s easy to forget sometimes that the 14th of February is just another day. So why not be really cool and treat it like that? Sure, get each other cards and maybe flowers and chocolates, but then take the pressure off the evening. Go to a concert or a comedy club or a sports game or anything you love doing together. You’ll probably have more fun than paying over the odds for a taxi, a meal and a movie.

Work up a sweat

Another alternative option for Valentine’s Day is to have a great time together getting sweaty. Not like that (well, ok, maybe like that if you want), but by playing sports, hitting the gym or going for a hike. Again, you’re getting away from the crowds and being yourselves, and what’s cooler or more romantic than that?

Fun date Ideas for Valentine's Day

There’s also plenty of more traditional dates you can enjoy on Valentine’s day without spending a fortune to sit at a table by the bathroom in a crowded restaurant. Here are some fun date ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Go stargazing:

If the skies are clear, why not head out in the countryside with a blanket, a picnic and a telescope to watch the skies? You could even take a tent and make a night of it. You can get apps to help you work out what you’re looking at in the stars or just gaze and enjoy the romance of it all.

Take a cooking class:

Instead of paying a small fortune for someone else to cook for you, why not learn to cook something special for yourselves instead? It’s a great romantic opportunity for you to work together, laugh when things go wrong and enjoy the tasty dish you’ve created. Even better if there’s chocolate involved.

Have a themed day:

If you’re struggling for ideas, why not really go for it? If there’s a movie you both love or a TV show, a book, a place, anything really, you could have a themed Valentine’s Day. You can do this however you want, whether it’s dressing up, picking out places to visit, or activities. What better way could there be to celebrate something you both love?

Cute Valentine's Day date Ideas

Ultimately, your Valentine’s Day date needs to highlight who you are as a couple. If you’re not into the whole Valentine’s Day vibe and find it too cheesy, that’ll help you decide what to do. If you love everything about it, you can dial up the cuteness with these ideas:

Find the cutest hotel and stay there:

And we mean STAY there. Whether it’s an adorable hotel in your hometown or further afield, you should find the cutest hotel room possible and spend the whole evening in there. Get room service to bring you everything you need for a romantic meal and spend the rest of the time being just the two of you.

Get a couple’s massage

Heading to a spa for a relaxing massage together is a lovely way to enjoy a date on Valentine’s Day. You get to relax instead of stressing about getting to the restaurant on time, getting stuck in traffic, or any of the other things that can go wrong on a normal Valentine’s Day date.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas at Home

If you really want to avoid the crush on the most expensive and romantic date of the year, there are some inexpensive Valentine’s Day date ideas that don’t even involve leaving your home. Here are our cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas at home:

Go camping… In your backyard  

Camping is great fun, but doing so in February can be a bit… chilly. So why not give yourselves an easy way out by going camping, but in your own garden? This means you can pull the emergency cord whenever you like and just go back inside, but can also fill your tent with as many blankets and cushions as you need to make it cozy. If you’ve got a fire pit to sit around and toast marshmallows, all the better!

Have breakfast in bed, and every other meal

Why even get out of bed? Taking it in turns to make each other your meals and enjoy movies, reading, board games and anything else that takes your fancy, all from the comfort and intimacy of your bed, is there anything more romantic you could do for Valentine’s Day?