Suicide and Self-Injury Promotion

We care deeply about our members and understand that some may struggle with mental health, self-injury, suicidal thoughts, substance use, or eating disorders. While we do permit members to share their personal experiences with these issues in a safe way, we do not allow any content that depicts, promotes, glorifies, or assists in activities that could lead to suicide, self-injury, or disordered eating or body image.

We don’t allow:

  • Encouraging, promoting, glorifying, or providing instructions for suicide or self-injury
  • Depicting, promoting, normalizing, glorifying, or providing instructions for disordered eating, dieting, or body image.
  • Graphic imagery depicting self-injury or suicide (See Violent or Graphic Content)
  • Content that’s disrespectful toward victims, survivors, or families impacted by suicide, self-injury, or eating disorders (See Bullying and Abusive Conduct)
  • Dangerous amateur acts or viral “challenges” that can cause serious bodily harm

In response to content that may describe a suicidal or self-injurious plan, intent, or thought, we may remove the content and send the member local supportive resources such as suicide prevention hotlines. If we have reason to believe a member is an imminent danger to themselves, we may contact local emergency authorities for intervention, which could include emergency services providing a welfare visit.

Learn about our enforcement philosophy against the guidelines on this page. And, if you believe we’ve made a mistake in taking action on your account or content, you can always contact us here.