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Bloom Trauma Support Program

Bumble has partnered with Chayn to provide Bloom, a complimentary online trauma support program for survivors in our community.

Bloom is a free, web-based support service. It’s designed for anyone who has experienced sexual harassment, assault, abuse or violence in their intimate relationships or is simply seeking education on creating healthy relationships.

The program contains a library of self-guided courses and other resources created by survivors and trauma-informed therapists. Bloom includes a 1:1 web chat feature with the Chayn team to discuss learnings from courses. The program also includes the option to sign up for ‘Notes from Bloom’ to receive twice-weekly WhatsApp messages of positive affirmation curated around themes in the courses. 

With courses on Dating, Boundaries & Relationships; Healing from Sexual Trauma; and Society, Patriarchy & Sexual Trauma, Bloom provides tools and guidance on how to cope with traumatic events. The program involves learning, reflecting, and processing experiences in a safe and empowering space. The custom course curriculum is largely based on the feedback received from survivors within our community, and it continues to evolve based on the feedback we regularly gather. 

Bloom was created by Chayn, a global nonprofit, run by survivors and allies from around the world, who create resources to inform and support the healing of survivors of gender-based violence. Chayn creates open-source online resources and services for survivors of abuse that are trauma-informed, intersectional, multi-lingual and feminist, including the Bloom program. Through technology, Chayn helps survivors of gender-based violence identify abuse, recover from trauma, and lead fulfilling lives.

If you’re in a place where you’d like to access Bloom, sign up here (for languages other than English: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hindi, German). To guarantee privacy and safety, every account created on Bloom is anonymous and your information is never linked to your Bumble account.

At Bumble, we want to do our part to support survivors of sexual assault and abuse, and we encourage our members to report any safety concerns through the app or via the online contact form. Our dedicated safety team will review all concerns and take action as appropriate and can offer additional support where needed.